Universal Human Rights

by Hesperado (Reposted with permission,  please visit http://hesperado.blogspot.com .)

Liberty v Sharia 2

1. Universal human rights did not fall from the blue sky: they were developed in the West, by the West, as a unique act of self-transcendence — an unfolding from parochial tribalism to a mankind — unprecedented in all history.

2. Western Politically Correct Multi-Culturalists (PC MCs) are motivated by, and they purvey, an anti-Western bias.

3. PC MCs incoherently uphold universal human rights — and sometimes manage to lessen the pressure of their incoherence in this regard by suppressing the uniquely Western matrix of those universal human rights. PC MCs thus twist their incoherence with a paradox: they use the universality inherent to those human rights as a way to try to undermine their uniquely Western matrix.

4. PC MCs have augmented to morbidly grotesque proportions one implicit virtue in universal human rights — the respect for the Other (i.e., the non-white and/or non-Westerner) — such that this virtue becomes the primary virtue which will trump all other virtues in the complex of universal human rights.

5. Thus, when the PC MC is confronted with the dilemma where a non-white and/or non-Westerner is violating any universal human right, and when that violation is seen to pertain to his non-whiteness and/or his non-Western “culture”, then the PC MC logically favors the violation and the violator over the universal human right being violated (and over the victims of that violation), since the primary virtue is to respect the non-white and/or the non-Westerner at all costs, no matter what, while the worst crime would be to disrespect the non-white and/or the non-Westerner.

6. The Muslim over the last couple of decades has become the non-white and/or non-Westerner par excellence — the #1 Privileged Other of the World. And this process has, through a perverse paradox, only accelerated post-911 and post-All-The-Other-Outrageous-Crap-Muslims-Have-Been-Doing-Lately.

How this grotesque perversion of anti-racism, transmogrifying into a warped doctrine of Reverse Racism, came about, is a complex historical problem. One thing is clear: it has developed, and is currently dominant and mainstream throughout the West, and is the single most important reason why the West continues to be recklessly irrational in the face of a global revival of supremacist Islam.

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