LAPD & “Understanding Islam”

Dear LA Police Department,

I read that you have engaged Sheik Qazi Asad from Pakistan to assist in your understanding of Islam. I recommend you utilize the websites listed below to enhance your own understanding. Why would you need such an “instructor”? Why is the Muslim community ‘special’ in its needs or demands? Perhaps this goes beyond religion…

Islam is not just a religion; it is a political-judicial-cultural ideology as defined by the quran (koran), sira and hadith (biography and traditions of Mohammed) as implemented under Islamic Sharia Law.  Nearly 1400 years of history are witness to Islam’s expansion and progress toward its stated goal to replace or subjugate anything non-Islamic; to spread Islam across the world. Wherever Islam thrives, a state within a state develops and the existing  government and unbelieving (kafir, infidel) culture is rejected. The Islamic minority grows in until it can conquer the state, by political or violent means, replacing the established government with Sharia. Islam makes attainment of political goals a religious duty. The religion and the politics of Islam (“submission”) cannot be separated.

Today, this modern conquest begins with immigration and enlarging populations followed by a demand for deferential treatment of Islam in the host country, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness, and general cultural and educational non-integration. Imagined affronts to Islam are claimed and redress demanded.  ‘Inter-faith dialogue’ is used to discuss islam and force concessions. Through intimidation it is made to appear that to offend a Muslim is a crime.

Islamic Sharia Law denies freedom of speech, religion, expression and action and rejects equality between men and women, thereby violating human rights, violating the US Constitution.  Sharia has no “Golden Rule” to treat individuals equally. Instead Sharia segregates people into two classes of people: Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims are supreme and non-Muslims are inferior, holding no equal rights under Islam. Muslim-Muslim relations are completely separate from Muslim-kafir relations, where deceit is sanctioned and mistreatment largely unpunished.

No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the “ummah,” drives the process of Islamization (codification of Islamic supremacy via Sharia law) in every country where Islam thrives. There is no room to list the thousands of violent acts world-wide of Muslims against non-Muslims in the name of Islam.  Across the globe violence and political upheaval are associated with increasing Muslim populations.

The US is a secular, representative democracy thoughtfully crafted by our founders, with its government powers defined in the US Constitution and separated into three branches filled by  the President, Congress and Courts.  Totalitarian Sharia law is irreconcilably in conflict with the US Constitution and our government. Islam denies much of what we accept as part of America including liberty and equality under the law. We cannot extend our tolerance to Islam’s intolerance. Islam and Sharia are grave dangers to the United States of America and to all Western cultures.

No one has the right to not be offended. Our freedoms allow us to share our opinions without inciting violence. We must choose liberty, equality and representative governance, over the doctrine of submission, supremacism and dictatorial theocracy. Accommodation, appeasement and hopeful assimilation will not secure peace nor integration. Please read the quran to better know Islam. The attached Call to Action includes 18 legislative actions to stop the spread of Sharia and support the US Constitution. Please review the situation in the United Kingdom to know what repeated capitulation to Islam will bring to America.

Thank you,


Please consider:

June 29, 2009 to

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  1. We are making the same mistakes that the UK made.

    Amazing isn’t?
    1.Why don’t they do their own research?
    2.Do they really think that he is going to be honest with them?
    3.They should get an ex-Muslim to educate them on Islam.

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