Dear UC Irvine: Denounce Islamic Intimidation

Chancellor Drake, UC Irvine,
Office of the Dean of Students,
Mark G. Yudof, President of the UofC,

You are now facing a serious decision of whether and how to respond to students that aggressively interrupted and shouted down an invited speaker, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. You MUST take a strong stand for liberty and not tolerate the intolerance and intimidation demonstrated by these student thugs. To do so cheapens the citizenship of those whose cherish and support the US Constitution and Western liberal values.

Islam is not just a religion; it is also a political ideology as implemented under Islamic Sharia law. Islam’s express goal is to replace or subjugate anything non-Islamic across the globe. This episode is but an example of bringing Sharia to the West, and must be seen in the larger picture of cultural jihad, of which it is just a part. Wherever Islam grows, armed and a stealth-cultural jihad (‘striving in the way of allah’) is in play as existing governments and unbelieving (infidel, kafir) culture are marginalized and conquered, by ever-growing social pressure, political or violent means. This stealth jihad is an insurrection which begins with a demand for deferential treatment of Islam, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness (and the use of Sharia law), and general cultural and educational non-integration. The reaction to support for Israel or criticism of Islam is visceral, verbal, often violent and very il-liberal and very much part of Islamic culture and supported by Sharia.

Do not play into the hands of these “students” by your actions. Here they are implementing a form of jihad, in this case a cultural war between the United States Constitution and Western values and Islam and Sharia. Ignoring this will not alter the situation at UCI, the US or Europe. These are difficult issues we must all face, the sooner the better. Look around to see the cultural and political conflicts that will be on our doorstep without taking steps now to prevent this Islamic intimidation and Sharia in America.

Even a cursory understanding of Islam/Sharia will find it is supremacist in nature, discriminatory in practice, restricts freedom of thought and action, rejects equality (men to women, Muslim to non-Muslim) and violates universal human rights. Islam’s core tenets as taught to and practiced by uncountable Muslims in the West is incompatible with our values and sensibilities of freedom and secularism. No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the ‘ummah’ drives the process of Islamization in every country where Islam thrives. Political correctness and Western tolerance is used to advantage – do not be used by these students, do not allow them to preach hate on your campus. Take a stand for freedom and denounce this supremacism, bigotry and what might be a veiled call to violence. Investigate each who shouted out and interview those who supported these outbursts. You may find an astonishingly Un-American and Anti-American belief system in those students. Please suspend and dismiss as appropriate, with notification to US Immigration for those on student VISAs.

Tolerating intolerance will invite our cultural and political destruction.

In liberty, CD

The Death of Liberty Begins with Submission TM

Attachment: Liberty vs Sharia                                            2-13-2010

2 thoughts on “Dear UC Irvine: Denounce Islamic Intimidation

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for fighting for the values of the United States of America. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I’m glad she lost. The Trumps of the world will continue to govern until liberals get our priorities straight. Once a “progressive liberal” myself, I decided I will not support or be involved with these ignorant people on the left. I intend to be very involved in spreading this well worded message. It’s concise and easily understood. Just excellent!

    I will devote my time, energy, and talents in order to resist the Islamization of my country. I especially want the American girls and women of future generations to be safe and free.

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