Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

(Sent May 29, 2010)
A review of history and understanding of current events will show that islam plants its flag of victory, at the expense of the subjugated, everywhere it has challenged and conquered a nation or a people or otherwise won concessions.

In this instance, NYC is not just for NY – it is for America. If islam is allowed to plant its flag of victory, this mosque, in NYC it is as slap to the face of the nation and a sign to the world of America on bended knee before islam.

Islam = koran + sunna (traditions of mohammed) = SHARIA LAW. Please stop any appeasement of islam. Do not be a tool of islam, DO NOT BE A DHIMMI.

This is not about bigotry or intolerance – sharia is irreconcilably in conflict with the US Constitution and every fiber of our nation.

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