Please Educate Yourself – No One Can Do It For You

One voice, your voice, is immeasurably better than silence. Knowledge is the enemy of evil. Believe nothing about islam that is not rooted in the koran, sira or hadith. Share based on an understanding of islamic doctrine (not muslims) and with compassion for human rights, dignity and freedom of conscience. 


4 Stages of Islamic Conquest: by LSA using CD material REMOVED

Liberty vs Sharia: by LSA using CD material REMOVED

Doctrine & Documents:

Muslim Brotherhood “Project”  At Investigative Project  (pdf)

Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America                                    At Investigative Project (pdf)

Reliance of the Traveller   (Book of sharia law) At Amazon (< $40)

Skeptic’s Annotated Quran  searchable by sura, topic. Critical commentary

Skeptic’s Annotated Bible    searchable by book, topic. Critical commentary

The Noble Quran”   searchable

The Sunnah”   Collection of Hadith. Al-Bukhari considered very reliable

Education & Action:

Political Islam     Dr. Bill Warner, Islam Dissected & Exposed

Bill Warner Lectures    (some free, listen or download)

Jihad Watch      Robert Spencer

Citizen Warrior     Knowledge & Compassion

The Religion of Peace     The gruesome details

Act for America    Brigitte Gabriel, Public & Political Education

Pamela Geller      Pamela Geller, Relentless

Unconstrained Analytics    Stephen Coughlin, author Catastrophic Failure

Understanding the Threat    John Guandolo, resources and training

Center for Security Policy   Frank Gaffney, Policy to Action

Investigative Project on Terrorism    Steven Emerson

Islam Watch      Muslim Apostates

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  1. you are one of the best communicators of Islam and its problems that I have read, I look forward to learning more form your writings ..thank you..elmore

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