Protecting Global Liberty

Sharia Law,  the camel's nose under the tentIslam is not just a religion; it is also a political ideology as defined by the quran, hadith and sira as implemented under sharia law. Throughout its nearly 1400 year history, Islam has through violence, intimidation, demographics or covert means subjugated the peoples of north Africa and Spain, the Levant and eastern Europe, India, and east Asia. Today, conflicts in Darfur, Nigeria, Philippines, Lebanon and Kashmir are ones in which Islamic factions are conquering Christian and other non-Islamic cultures.


Islamic leaders can be heard repeatedly calling to subjugate the West to Islam. This modern insurrection can be seen in demands for deferential treatment of Islam, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness, and general cultural and educational non-integration. While individual Muslims may be fine, the Islamic community as a whole drives the promotion of sharia law and the rejection of non-Islamic traditions.


Sharia law, as implemented, is supremacist in nature-Muslims superior to non-Muslims; discriminatory in practice-women unequal to men; and rejects our constitutionally protected freedoms of religion, speech and assembly, thereby violating human rights. Muslim-Muslim relations are completely separate from Muslim-kafir relations, where deceit is sanctioned. Islam is incompatible with our values and sensibilities of freedom.


I respectfully implore citizens and politicians to recognize the threat that elements in Islam represent to our freedoms. Our tomorrow MUST be different; do not let the West be erased from history and replaced with a new dark age of physical submission and mental bondage.

Civilus Defendus

Sharia in English: “Reliance of the Traveller: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law Umdat Al-Salik”

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