A World in Flames

We have experienced 9-11, London, Spain, Mumbai… the world is in flames. They have wrought destruction upon common people living in Asia, Europe, Africa and here at home in the name of Islam. They have brought jihad. We must acknowledge that Islam is a totalitarian, political ideology dressed in religious garb. The threats to the US and the West presented by Islam, Sharia and jihad must be brought to the public forum, fully vetted and concrete actions developed and executed. Citizens must compel their leaders to action. We all must reach across the oceans to allies also under siege and implement a concerted effort to purge the world of the jihadists.


Wherever Islam grows, jihad is in play as existing governments and unbelieving (kafir) culture are conquered, by violent or political means. Bombs speak for themselves: I kill you. However, a second, covert jihad is also underway, an insurrection which begins with a demand for deferential treatment of Islam, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness, divergent financial practices and general cultural and educational non-integration. In addition, imagined affronts to Islam are claimed and redress demanded. Collectively this pressure leads to imposition of Islamic Sharia Law.


No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the ‘ummah’ drives the process of Islamization (codification of Sharia Law) in every country where Islam thrives. Violence, intimidation, sedition and subversive behavior are common and strategic. Islam and it tenets are the antithesis of our country’s history and free thinking traditions and its growth will suffocate future intellectual, cultural and artistic growth.


Islam is supremacist in nature, discriminatory in practice, restricts freedom of thought and action thereby violating universal human rights. Muslim-Muslim relations are completely separate from Muslim-kafir relations, where deception is sanctioned. Islam is incompatible with our Constitution, values and sensibilities of freedom and secularism. Islam is irreconcilably in conflict with all those who seek liberty and equality.


© Civilus Defendus

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