Why We Must Resist…

…the Vision of a World United under Islam

Liberty vs Sharia video here.

Islam is not just a religion; it is a political-judicial-cultural ideology as defined by the quran, sira and hadith as implemented under Islamic sharia law. Islam makes political aims a religious duty.  Nearly 1400 years of history are witness to Islam’s expansion and progress toward its stated goal to replace or subjugate anything non-Islamic; to spread Islam across the globe. Wherever Islam thrives, a state within a state develops and the existing  government and unbelieving (kafir, infidel) culture is rejected. Islamic minorities grow in a host country until it can conquer, by political or violent means, replacing the established government with sharia.

Historically, Islam was spread by the sword held by Allah’s warriors on horseback. Today, this modern conquest begins with immigration and enlarging populations followed by a demand for deferential treatment of Islam in the host country, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness, and general cultural and educational non-integration. Imagined affronts to Islam are claimed and redress demanded.  Islam claims the superiority of moral high ground. Through intimidation it is made to appear that to offend a Muslim is a crime.

Sharia, heavily influenced by 7th century Arab culture, denies freedom of speech, religion, expression and action and rejects equality between men and women, thereby violating human rights.  Sharia has no “Golden Rule” to treat individuals equally. Instead Sharia segregates people into two classes of people: Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims are supreme and non-Muslims are inferior, holding no equal rights under Islam. Muslim-Muslim relations are completely separate from Muslim-kafir relations, where deceit is sanctioned and mistreatment unpunished.

No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the “ummah,” drives the process of Islamization (codification of Islamic supremacy via sharia law) in every country where Islam thrives. There is no room to list the thousands of violent acts of Muslims against non-Muslims in the name of Islam.  Across the globe violence and political upheaval are associated with increasing Muslim populations.

The US is a secular, representative democracy thoughtfully crafted by our founders, with its government powers defined in the Constitution and separated into three branches filled by  the President, Congress and Courts.  Sharia law is irreconcilably in conflict with the Constitution and our government. Islam denies much of what we accept as part of America. We cannot extend our tolerance to Islam’s intolerance. Islam and Sharia are grave dangers to the United States of America.

No one has the right to not be offended. Our freedoms allow us to share our opinions without inciting violence. We must choose liberty, equality and secularism, over the doctrine of submission, supremacism and dictatorial theocracy. Please consider the Citizens’ Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief (link at right) and if you feel it has merit, forward it to your Senators and Representatives. Take part in our future.

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  1. Thank you so much for all you do, Civilus!
    I am trying to wake people up, one by one, and trying to acquire enough knowledge and documented papers, like yours, to approach people in my community.
    Nothing is as important as this battle.
    Take care,
    God bless you, and America, and the free world.

  2. Islam is spread by ignorant and uneducated muslims who believe everything that is told to them. The spread of Islam is aided by those Quislings who are known as the Politically Correct, Left Wing, etc. who have their own agenda.
    Who pays for Muslims to emigrate to Western countries? Has anyone looked at where the money comes from for a poor Somalian to make the trip to America? Are the Western world’s $$, Euros, etc. funneled through Saudi Arabia to finance emigration, we know that we are financing Jihad in many countries.
    Civilus, please keep up the good work and I will try to pass it on to my friends and acquaintances.

  3. your site is excellent and most informative.
    Keep on doing what you do because it’s of the utmost importance in our battle against islam.

  4. Thank you posting this. Leaders of the non-muslim nations should look more closely about the implications of Islam. I am appalled how they would stab the backs of their host countries through terrorism. Good thing that the latest threat at Times Square was stopped by the US government.

    For the record, those who wage Jihad are the most restless people on earth.

    God bless the United States and all the countries who fight against terror.

  5. I’ve enjoyed the information I have read so far. More people need to learn what is going on around us and how our system is being used to destroy us from the inside out.

    Keep up the work and continue to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of radical islam.

  6. “Our freedoms allow us to share our opinions without inciting violence.”

    Our freedoms go beyond that. An ideology such as Islam that becomes violent as a result of Muhammad cartoons or opinions of their ideology that they disagree with does not justify abridging our freedoms to express our opinions on thoses topics. “Inciting violence” is not an acceptable boundary for our free speech when violence thereby incited is psychotic or based on an uncivilized reactionary ideology or mindset. (Absolutely agree. – CD)

  7. The west and democracies around the world should not be fooled by the guise of free speech and secularism. These are the trojan horses through which long established and peace loving religions are demoted for the insidious spread of islam in such countries.

    My sincere advice stems from the very fact that nature abhors vacuum. Citizens should earnestly stop the islamisation of europe and the west by promoting Christianity and any other peaceful religions.

    And by the obvious contrast that exists in the very nature of the other peaceful religions from islam, we can help build a younger generation that will be less tolerant of islamic beliefs and dogma.

    From my research, it has been shown that the violence in some African countries like Nigeria came as a result of Islamists trying to get a foothold on the mass conversion of muslims into Christianity and other religions in just the past 3 decades. At the time of independence Nigeria had less than10 of the population as Christians as at 2005, 51% are Christians with an average of 6 million conversions yearly in Africa into Christianity

    Europe has already been hit hard. The US are still not awake to this threat of total annihilation of their democracy by islam

  8. The massive conversion of sub-Saharan Africans to Christianity is due, in part, to the fact that many in the region have learned that Islam is a supremacist ideology that has a particular hatred of Jews and blacks. In fact, I’m of the opinion that anti-black racism by Europeans was learned from their contacts with Islam, sprinkled with a need to justify slavery in the “Christian” world.

    Also, the black African non-Muslim is coming to understand that the impetus to abolish Slavery and move toward the re-recognition that all Mankind is created equal by God (A Christian (Judaeo-Christian?) ethic) with the same basic rights was, and is, the Christian ethos. After all, it was believing Christians who began and fueled the Abolitionist movements in Britain and North America (and other European nations which were involved in the slave trade).

    We must stand firm against the spread of Islam into our civilization, and we must also stand with those who wish to either avoid or throw off the shackles of Islam (Arab Supremacy in the guise of “religion”).

  9. I used your brilliant words to make this video for Global Infidel TV:

    God save our Republic.

  10. The Muslim “Religion” must be TOTALLY rejected and ejected from the United States of America! To allow this “religion” to operate under the guise of being a religion is inviting long years of violence and the possible destruction of the United States and our Constitution as we now know it!

  11. It is advisable to set up safe “non-Muslim” zones via secession and militias for protection. For the federal government is no longer representative, but in fact already captive to Islam. Just look at their immigration policy. REPLY: 2017… may the tide turn… ~CD

  12. It is advisable to set up safe “non-Muslim” zones via secession along with militias for protection. For the federal government is no longer representative, but in fact already captive to Islam. Just look at their immigration poilicy.

  13. Yep.
    All that I’m seeing and reading and learning?
    Take your religion and GO AWAY.

  14. Thank you, this should be mandatory reading in every public school (grade school thru high school) and every college in America.

    I think churches should all share with all parishioners.

    Every elected official and government official in this country should know this, read this, study this and agree with this.

    Islam, moslims are our enemy and MUST be defeated immediately.

    It is a malignant cancer that must be treated, it can not be ignored.

    Moslims in North America need to all be deported immediately and all moslims need to be banned permanently. In the US an every non moslim country on the planet. China and Japan are doing an excellent job.

  15. May I have permission to quote your whole article on 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest as an appendix? If you wish, you may Email me for more details.

    Dan. REPLY: Dan, Yes, however I will be updating this in the next few months. ~CD

  16. It is beyond all logic how anyone in the west can buy into the Isslam is peace baloney. It of course is not a religion and this is clear. King Fahad of Saudi Arabia was on record as saying Islam is incompatible with democracy…So why on earth are 3rd world barbarians who follow and promote this allowed into western countries?

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