Is it Paranoia…or Not?

If islam intends to be victorious, sharia must reign. For sharia to reign, the US Constitution must die. Is islam as founded--consistent with the koran, sira and hadith--a call to insurrection? And if two or more people, respond to this call by taking action to achieve such insurrection in a clandestine, deceptive, fraudulent, threatening or... Continue Reading →


Islam commands the attainment of political objectives as religious duty. Islam’s prime directive is Islam over all by conversion, subjugation or jihad. Implicit in this unquenchable imperialism is Islamic supremacism and its hostility to all things not Islam. Islam’s calling card is the conquest of “filthy kafirs”--unbelievers--who earn wrath in this life and the next.... Continue Reading →

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

STAGE 1: INFILTRATION Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle. First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country. Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society. Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though... Continue Reading →

Abode of Subjugation?

Death and terror from islam may seem like far off possibilities. Easy to dismiss, perhaps, with no personal responsibility and no moral qualms accruing to the citizen. However, islam’s goal is not to kill us all, but to convert a few and subjugate the rest. Islam’s doctrinal goal is not war or terror, for those... Continue Reading →

Who Decides?

In a world where words are used to obfuscate as much as illuminate, who decides when to call a spade a shovel and when it is something else?

Friend or Foe?

Perhaps you can't really know islam until it has breathed down your neck. The Tiger is majestic and beautiful from a distance. If you could, the Tiger's coat would be soft to the touch, its fang and talon hard and sharp. Its muscles ripple with strength as it ambles casually to and fro. Its voice... Continue Reading →

By Their Law Shall We Know Them

The doctrine of Islam fully implemented under Sharia Law, consistent with the koran, sira and hadith, condemns freedom (speech, conscience, religion association, press, petition of government), forbids equality (between men and women, muslims and non-muslims) and denies traditional sovereignty (national boundaries, secular law, native culture). Any form of sharia, implicit (in mosques and ‘at home’)... Continue Reading →

Meet a Muslim: Jameela

An enlightening commentary by an orthodox Muslim "Jameela" as posted at Jihad Watch here: Christians are Child Abusing, Demon Possessed, Devil-Worshipping, Cannibalized Vampires What is the difference between a monkey, a Jew and a pig? There is no difference according to the Qur’an, which reveals Allah transformed some Jews into monkeys and swine and Genetic/DNA... Continue Reading →

Newt Gets It – Ban Sharia

Here is Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Newt Gingrich in a recent speech to the American Enterprise Institute entitled “America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan” addressing the threat of Islamic Sharia Law. The audacity of this consummate historian, this experienced politician, this leader-in-waiting, to speak aloud the truth of our... Continue Reading →

Islamic Apologetics at the Tennessean, Again

Mr. Lewis (at, From the one-sided treatment the Tennessean gave this story ("Islam is..."), I am concerned either you or the paper is falling into a trap of accepting the sweet deception of islam and failing to provide coverage of alternative views of islamic doctrine - fact-based evidence that contradicts the sanctioned lies and... Continue Reading →

The Theo-Political Doctrine of Islam

1. The theo-political doctrine of islam commands the attainment of political goals as religious duty (ref: quran, sira, hadith). 2. The theo-political doctrine of islam is codified in sharia law - which demands the replacement of all man-made law (including our Constitution) with "divine" sharia. 3. The theo-political doctrine of islam invites conversion, enforces subjugation... Continue Reading →

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