Melting Pot, Revisited

Immigration or sharia-promoting Hijrah?

The melting pot concept would allow for people to come from across the globe to move to new countries and thrive. Generation after generation, a winnowing out less beneficial ideas and practices of the “old country” occurs and a strengthening of those ideas and practices that are beneficial to new country, to the human condition and spirit is evident. Overall, the warp and weft of a country–its law and culture–are what constitute the nation and its society.

In America, this works well only when liberty is honored; where a representative government is understood by those elected and by voters–the constituency.  Liberty and justice for all are America’s foundation: arrive, work hard and become part of the colorful fabric of America.

The melting pot works less well–or backwards–in authoritarian or totalitarian societies where only the strongman is heard and his toadies are elevated.  In this case, tolerance and diversity are undesired, even punished. Here, new arrivals must join the strong or become the most supplicating and subservient element in society to be able to endure generation to generation.

Now consider a free-nation welcoming people nursed, trained and driven by their self-proclaimed status as dominant, more aggressive, and morally superior. Those who come not to blend in with the host nation, but to transform it into a mirror of the old country…whether being rooted in communism or islamic sharia law.

Today we see practitioners of such totalitarian ideologies come into tolerant and free societies. Let us ponder the movement of sharia-compliant individuals and groups into a free nation. Playing this out, the trajectory is not promising to the sustained existence of the free host society. Exotic, tasty “ethnic” food is welcome, but can sex with 12 year olds be embraced? Beautiful beaded robes and black eyes for impermissible behavior? Handsome men and hellish marriages? Self-assured social activism and emboldened voting blocs for sharia?

Eventually and predictably, free men will fall away, their children indoctrinated into submission, their wives abused in public. People my adopt the bondage of islam, to voluntary submit to the slavery of allah and his messenger, or the involuntary slavery of enforced dhimmitude and second- or third-class status. Some will chose to serve their oppressors for favors or crumbs.

As we see over and over again, integration, mutual respect and peaceful existence has not worked when one side swears fidelity to islam: Egypt, Anatolia, India, Lebanon, and across Africa. To reach for the lowest common denominator among the earth’s cultures takes us to a dark and undesirable place. Hell on earth you might say.

Please, let us obviate the need to cast off chains of islamic servitude by never allowing them around our wrists, our necks or our culture.

~CD, August 2021

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