I Wish… (or sweet lies and whispered truths)

The Black Flag of Islam
The Black Flag of Islam

I wish Islam were a religion of peace, but it is not.

I wish our view of Islam were tied to evidence-based reality, but it frequently is not.

I wish our weakness did not aid Islam’s resurgence, but it does.

I wish the cautionary pleadings from Jefferson and Adams, Churchill, and Pirenne had been heeded, and not lost in the fog of revisionist history.

I wish our ignorance did not empower those bent on our destruction, but it does.

I wish we scrutinized details, rather than look away, hope for the best, or accommodate the unknown.

I wish Islam had not destroyed the world’s art, architecture and libraries-the repositories of human knowledge, but evidence indicates that it has and it continues still.

I wish no one were denied enjoyment of art, music, laughter and of love, but sadly Islam provides evidence they are denied indeed.

I wish we could compare values across peoples but, alas, the charade of multiculturalism instructs us we cannot, for comparison implies judgment.

I wish women were safe from Islamic violence and sexual slavery, but they are not.

I wish children were cherished and nurtured in Islam, but often we can see they are not.

I wish the world were focused on protecting life and freedom from the clutches of Islamic sharia law, but it is not.

I wish our tolerance beget tolerance, but instead it breeds rage and desire for domination.

I wish Islam had not killed nearly 300,000,000 people in the last 1,400 years, but the legacy of jihad tells us it has.

I wish the jihad had not been born, or had died in the past, but it is ongoing.

I wish Islam would reform or wither; expunge the hate or recede, stamp out jihad or fade away, jettison the sharia or perish.

I wish pleasant fictions could protect us and deny flesh to the sword of jihad, but we remain exposed and vulnerable.

For if we spoke not in the wishes but in objective facts, asked reasoned questions and demanded honest answers, how much better might we understand the current threats and have already fortified our nations to repulse the enemy, thus securing our culture and human liberty from death by a thousand cuts?


– – – – – –

The image above is the black flag of islam mocking the raising of the American Flag at Iwo Jima during WWII and was found at “Islam Future” with the caption: …The Future Universal Flag… This should make your bile rise.

2 thoughts on “I Wish… (or sweet lies and whispered truths)

  1. VoiceAmericanPatriot (@VoicePatriotism) March 1, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    The view on Islam as expressed in ‘I wish’, are similar to my own views and those of countless Americans. I hope we can share this with others. The ‘education’ of the American public is just beginning. The elimination of Islam from our society is a long way off – unless they make some really bad mistakes in the next few years and we are able to rid our nation of this cancer before it completely matasticizes.

  2. Green Eyed Jinn November 14, 2015 / 10:57 pm

    I am a recent visitor. Here is the list I pounded yesterday as I watched the Evil manifest in Paris yesterday:
    They told us we were over-reacting.
    They told us not to be paranoid.
    They told us that we were being intolerant.
    They told us a more significant threat was Climate Change.
    They told us that Shari’a wasn’t “that bad.”
    They told us that all Muslims do care for the lives of others.
    They told us that the true Muslims believe in women’s rights.
    They told us ISIS was a Middle East problem.
    They told us the Arab Spring was a good thing.
    They told us the Muslim Brotherhood was legitimate.
    They told us Benghazi was about a video.
    They told us no relief forces were available.
    They told us no weapons were being transferred from Libya.
    They told us Khaddafi had to go.
    They told us ISIS was the JV team.
    They told us ISIS was contained (POTUS, today).
    They told us the humanitarian concerns warranted open borders and open social services.
    They told us to stop being so nationalistic.
    They told us that Jewish settlements were the cause of Palestinian violence.
    They told us the Quds Force is not a terrorist organization.
    They told us that Afghanistan was stabilized.
    They told us the Taliban were defeated.
    They told us Iraq was stable and democratic.
    They told us a three-state solution was stupid.
    They told us not to worry.
    They told us they had security set.
    They told us that guns in our own hands actually made others unsafe.
    They told us to shelter in place.
    They old us not watch the ISIS videos because we shouldn’t get panicked.
    They told us to be tolerant.
    They told us to watch for American vets and American citizens as the ‘home-grown threat’.
    They told us our magazines were too big.
    They told us that we didn’t need ‘so many rounds for protection or hunting’.
    They told us the threat was from lone wolves.
    They told us we needed no boots on the ground.
    They told us we had “Inherent Resolve.”
    They told us we the Caliphate wasn’t real.
    They told us the idea of hijrah was crazy.
    They told us Shari’a was just another element of diversity.
    They told war veterans to take off their shoes and hats and belts before boarding a plane.
    They told us open borders were good for everybody.
    They told us invasion was an extension of human rights.
    They were wrong. They lied. They share the blood of Paris on their hands.
    They are our Leadership.
    Finally, They told us Iran would not get nuclear weapons.
    Think about all that.

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