The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam

Brought to you by Citizen Warrior: Citizen Warrior

“Have you ever wondered why millions of Muslim men are dedicated to killing Americans? Or why so many are willing to blow themselves up to kill Israelis? Or why they are so committed to blowing up random people in Bali, London, Madrid, etc.?

Islamic supremacists are doing this all over the world, attacking Westerners and their own fellow Muslims alike. Why?

Because of a doctrine. A doctrine is a collection of ideas… If you were going to deliberately design a collection of ideas with the purpose of making it eventually dominate the world — one that would eventually out-compete every other religion, doctrine, or political system — you would be hard-pressed to do better than Islam.”

Includes:  26 Keys to the  Theo-Political Doctrine of Islam:

  • Submission to an Idea Set
  • Unalterable “Divine” Law
  • Forbidding Criticism
  • Superiority of “The Believers”
  • Treatment of “The Non-Believers”
  • Use of War, Violence & Terror
  • Self-Perpetuation
  • Uniformity & Repetition


Download and print PDF here

Original article at here

One thought on “The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam

  1. Michael Himko October 9, 2012 / 1:02 pm

    Thank you, this is very helpful to educate others.

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