The Obama List

Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. In Federalist No. 65, Alexander Hamilton described impeachable conduct as “those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.

Has there ever been a president so inadequately prepared – or vetted – for office, whose contempt for American history and Constitution is visceral, vocal and apparent; who promotes collectivist ideology so readily; who demonizes his political rivals and who glorifies the historically hostile doctrine of Islam? This “President” dismisses American Exceptionalism as readily as he does her Constitution.

“The Obama List” is a series of questions that could be (were they answered) used to review his fitness for office, to see if he has trod upon the public trust. These questions are based on some scrap (or mound) of available information and should be asked of Mr. Obama and pondered by Americans. Taken individually, the potential ramifications are disturbing, taken collectively one should ask if this man should be in a position of power in America.

  1. Was an original birth certificate issued to you and if so, where is it, and what does it say?
  2. Was Executive Order 13489 intended to conceal personal information relevant to your eligibility or citizenship, and/or our national security?
  3. How did you obtain your current Social Security number?
  4. Why are multiple Social Security numbers associated with your name?
  5. Did you receive any illegal foreign campaign funding or commit fraud in resolving same?
  6. What can citizens draw from your views that conflict with the US Constitution (spreading the wealth, collective salvation)?
  7. Did you orchestrate theft and violate contract law by taking a private company from shareholders and giving it to union(s)?
  8. Is it your intention to promote theft and/or coercion by forcing citizens to pay for their neighbor’s health care?
  9. Why did you have the Inspector General Walpin fired without just cause (Kevin Johnson case)?
  10. Have you signed any treaties without Congressional advice and consent, and if so, why?
  11. What was your intention in meddling in Supreme Court affairs re Saudi Arabia/9-11 case?
  12. Have you directly or indirectly intimidated the media and to what end?
  13. Are you informed by foreign law rather than adhering to the US Constitution in decision making?
  14. What was the purpose for your factually inaccurate and ill-advised apology tour in Egypt, Turkey?
  15. Why have you appointed Islamic apologists to positions of power (Koh)?
  16. Why have you appointed Muslims and Islamists to positions of influence in government, including DHS?
  17. Why have you appointed incompetent power mongers (Clinton, Napolitano) to positions of responsibility?
  18. Does tax evasion not register to you as a negative when deciding appointees (Geitner)?
  19. Are you attempting to by-pass Congressional oversight by appointing more than 30 Czars and Czarinas (Commissars?) without Congressional advice and consent?
  20. Are you bypassing the Congress or exceeding presidential powers by issuing scores of Executive Orders?
  21. Is appointing a race-emphasizing justice (Sotomayor) indicative of your supposed post-racial nature?
  22. Is appointing an unethical and potentially anti-American justice (Kagan) reflective of your values?
  23. Was government “transparency” enhanced by repeatedly truncating or eliminating time lines to review federal legislation?
  24. Do you consider 1,000; 2,000; or 3,000 page bills to be about moral governance or simply control?
  25. Was the content of the health care bill a result of collusion with select non-profits and/or unions?
  26. Was the manner of the health care bill passage a source of pride to you or shame?
  27. Do you think stating that you knew nothing about an incident, but that “the police acted stupidly” to be a stupid statement on your behalf?
  28. Was handing money to “Palestinians” essentially aiding terrorists or in violation EO 12947 regarding HAMAS?
  29. Has handing money to Pakistan resulting in funding terrorists?
  30. By playing soft on Iran are you allowing or accelerating the process whereby nuclear weapons will be in the hands of despots and/or Islamic terrorists?
  31. Do you think your kowtowing and bow-bow-bowing to foreign dictators and other heads of state has enhanced or detracted from our prestige and national security?
  32. Why did you dither so on actions relating to our efforts in Afghanistan?
  33. Can you define success for the soldier operating under your contemptible rules of engagement?
  34. Do you believe your fantasies about Islam (Justice? Good will? Contribution? Largest Islamic nation? Shared values?), or are you just pandering… are you complicit in social jihad?
  35. What is your aim in surrounding yourself with communists and leftists of every sort (Van Jones, Anita Dunn, John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, others)?
  36. Have your connections to ACORN ever violated statutes related to bribery, conspiracy or kick-backs?
  37. What role have you played in the wholly inadequate response to Hasan jihad murders at Ft. Hood?
  38. Have you directly or indirectly interfered with the Congressional investigation of Ft. Hood Hasan terrorist murders, and if so, to what end?
  39. Can you possibly believe that trying terrorists in civil courts is superior to military courts?
  40. Do you think justice would be served to America if terrorists were judged by a “jury of their peers”?
  41. Do you think civilian trials for terrorists would provide a macabre platform for domestic and international terrorist propaganda?
  42. Are you attempting to extend Constitutional protections to enemy combatants (Miranda), and, if so, for what purpose?
  43. Were you involved in suppression of freedom of the press (Brenda Lee case)?
  44. Why are you thinking of creating (or even suggesting) a brown shirt-esque “civilian corps.”
  45. By your lack of interest in investigating CAIR and other HLF trail unindicted co-conspirators, are you indicating support for them?
  46. Are you willfully ignorant or are you practicing deception in your support of zakat (only goes to Muslims, supports jihad, is tax deductable?).
  47. Did you bear false witness or swear a false oath to the American people regarding your citizenship status, name or anything else?
  48. What is the objective in your constant criticism of and demanding concessions from Israel?
  49. By partnering with Egypt to support the OIC resolution on blasphemy are you indicating support for UN limits on free speech?
  50. Regarding Honduras, why did you side with the anti-Constitutionalist, Zaleya?
  51. Did you consider that using the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for propaganda purposes to be acceptable or an illicit and nefarious act?
  52. Have you intentions, through Executive Orders, to yield American sovereignty (to Interpol)?
  53. By labeling US citizens “extremists” (for support of US Constitution, owning firearms, being Christian, having served in the US Military), did you mean to vilify them and prepare to take action against them?
  54. By what right did you presume to side with the UN in an investigation against the sovereign State of Arizona for human rights abuses?
  55. In whose interest is it to pressure the European Union to accept Turkey?
  56. Can you explain your lies (specifically the ones with video and/or audio documentation)?
  57. Can you justify the WHITEWASHING of national security documents and case files of any factual connections to Islam and jihad (i.e. deliberate deception)?
  58. Was your dismissal of the “Black Panther” voter intimidation case (AFTER it was won!) a sign of your brand of “justice” to come?
  59. Since you apparently campaigned for your pro-Islam relative Odinga in Kenya, can we expect you to support Islam eventually governing in America through sharia or other mechanism?
  60. Does your bumbling and utter failure to secure the nation’s borders have as its objective a non-secure America?
  61. Were your dealings with Tony Rezko lawful or dubious in nature?
  62. What is your objective in abandoning US allies (Israel in general; removing defense shield program from Poland)?
  63. By what right are you using the US Treasury as a selective purse-de jour (Pigford, banks, nations)?
  64. Did you exert political pressure with respect to seating or not seating persons elected or appointed?
  65. Did you mean to insult the Queen or the UK by returning the bust of Winston Churchill?
  66. Were the forced closings of auto dealerships partisan, and if so, how did you justify that?
  67. Do you find it disconcerting that your lack of economic acumen is obvious and your actions in this arena devastating to Americas of all income levels?
  68. Are your collective actions intended to weaken us militarily? economically? morally?
  69. Have you intentionally and knowingly acting against America’s interests?
  70. Are you seeking a post-American world?

The list could easily go on. No candidate or elected representative can be all things to all people. However, one should certainly expect a president that is by and large free of corruption, fraud and deception and that does not harbor disdain for the supreme law of the land or the nation itself.

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