Meet a Muslim: Jameela

An enlightening commentary by an orthodox Muslim “Jameela” as posted at Jihad Watch here:

Christians are Child Abusing, Demon Possessed, Devil-Worshipping, Cannibalized Vampires

What is the difference between a monkey, a Jew and a pig? There is no difference according to the Qur’an, which reveals Allah transformed some Jews into monkeys and swine and Genetic/DNA testing will confirm this. The Qur’an also reveals Christians will go to the Hell-fire for their worshipping Allah’s Messenger slave, whom they devour in their pagan rituals. I advise all Christians to read the Qur’an and discover what your evil, fire-species, greedy, Muslim-murdering, maniacal, monkey masters have kept concealed from you. Do not read the Koran, as the Koran is a crazy book, written by crazed Jew’s to hide their satanic origins; the Children of Satan aka the Children of Israel. Clinically insane Jews also wrote the Koran in an attempt to portray Muslims to be the murdering lunatics the world knows the Jews to be; yet Christians continue to serve and worship the war criminal, occupying, hostile fire species as Allah’s Chosen People. Christian’s arrogance is only exceeded by their brutal stupidity, as Muslims and Jews know the following Commandments invalidate Christianity; yet Christians continue to disobey Allah and perform uncivilized and depraved acts of cannibalism and vampirism on a dead Jew’s corpse and call it “religion”. Christians are being willfully ignorant, as they all know it was Allah and NOT Jesus who parted the Red Sea to allow the Jews to escape the pursuing Egyptians and the vampires also know that it was Allah and NOT Jesus who spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai; yet the low-life, racist, cannibalized vampires continue to worship a murdered, Jew Messenger, “SLAVE” as their god.

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth.

Out of sheer depravation and brute ignorance; Christians worship their murdered Jew god by eating his tortured and battered corpse like cannibals and they exceed all religious bounds by drinking his blood like vampires. Christianity was founded on violence as Christians have taken the murder weapon (cross) as their symbol of faith; as the cross is nothing more than an object from the crime scene. Additionally, the Christians god cannot return to earth unless Christians kill legions of innocent Muslims aka Armageddon. Christian’s penchant for violence is never-ending as they regularly use violence against their own children; as violence against their own children is called for in their forged “Holy” Bible (“…You spare the rod, you spoil the child…”), and the child-abusing cannibals have the audacity to call Islam a violent religion, while regularly using cult-sanctioned violence against their own defenseless children. Jew’s don’t ever beat their own children, yet they command their Christian slaves to use violence against their children. However, the most vile and evil act the depraved Christians perform in their pagan rituals is the invocation of Satan in his original form; “a smokeless flame of fire”. Christians invoke Satan every time they light a candle on the altar and the only purpose of a candle is to create “a smokeless flame of fire” that Satan is. Muslims and Jew’s know Satan was created from a “smokeless flame of fire”, as are the Jews. Christianity is permeated with violent sects of terrorist cells; such as the Aryan Brotherhood, a violent and racist sect and the radical KKK, whose sole purpose for existence is to inflict Christian terror into African-Americans and the hooded cowards use their symbol of faith; the cross, which they set blaze and leave behind as their ‘terrorist’ calling card; yet they are not the most evil sect of Christians.

Evangelicals are the most evil of sects within the cult of Christianity; in fact, Evangelicals are the evilest of “all” mankind. Evangelicals are not satisfied with merely eating the corpse and drinking the blood of their dead Jew god and invoking Satan in his original form. Evangelicals invite demons to possess their bodies so they can communicate (Speaking in Tongues) with Satan and they are so menacingly stupid; they actually believe demonic possession is acceptable because the demons (ghosts and spirits) are “Holy Spirits” and “Holy Ghosts”; but Christians also believe that Jesus lives through them by eating his corpse; however, they are too deluded and dumb to understand that what they eat, they defecate; reducing their Jew god to human waste. The most famous demon-possessed Evangelical is the treasonous, lying, winking, and racist, bible-belt witch and mother of a teenage tramp, Sarah Palin. Sarah and her equally racist and deluded, Tea Party followers want to take America back from Barack Obama; this foolishly “racist” platform is an indication of Sarah’s lack of knowledge of American politics; as everyone in the world knows that Barack Obama kneels at the Jew’s hooves and kisses their deformed butts just as Sarah does. If the treasonous witch wants to take America back, she will have to take it back from her maniacal, monkey masters; AIPAC, the hostile fire species who is presently controlling America. Sarah stated during her failed Presidential Campaign that; “America should not question Israel”. Sarah, if President, would be perfectly content to allow the homicidal high school dropout, Megan Deir, head of the bungling Mossad; continue to control America’s Military Industrial Complex and decide what wars America will continue to launch and lose. Additionally, Sarah is campaigning on an “American Values” platform. What is Sarah’s definition of “American Values”? It’s when your unmarried, teenage, tramp daughter keeps her b-astard child instead of aborting it. The only place Sarah will lead her racist followers is to the Hell-fire.

If the world’s leaders are stupid enough to continue to follow America’s AIPAC controlled “lead”; they should use all of their political capital and money to prevent Sarah Palin the lying Evangelical racist witch from becoming the next president of the USA.The world is aware the US Congress and US Senate can be purchased by the highest bidder, as America is a Jew-owned marketplace and everything is up for sale, including American politicians. Gary Peters, Ted Poe, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, are willing to sell their votes to the highest bidder; as these AIPAC, butt-wipes latest High Crimes and Misdemeanors was to sell out their own President and align themselves with the occupying war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the sole purpose of thwarting peace in the Middle East. I highly recommend ALL Middle East countries to use their petro dollars to purchase a couple of American politicians if you don’t want the Zionist-ruled Americans to invade your country under the guise of “War on Terror”.

Again, I urge Christians to read the Qur’an and avoid all things “Holy” i.e. “Holy Spirit”, “Holy Ghost” “Holy Communion” and the “Holy Bible”, as Christians will discover On the Day of Resurrection, the most insidious word known to mankind is the word “holy”; as this is the word their Jew masters used to preface the evil acts they commanded their Christian slaves to perform in the “Holy” Bible i.e. beating their children. The Jew’s forgery of the “Holy” Bible has reduce it to an instruction manual (How to Serve Your Hostile Jew Masters for Dummies) for those dumb enough to be a Christian. Christianity only benefits the Jews in the life of this world and it will be of no benefit to anyone in the Hereafter; but will be the justification for an eternity of torment and humiliation in Hell-fire for those who call themselves Christians. You Christians have two options; you can continue to follow your oppressive and greedy jinn masters aka Jews to the Hell-fire from which their father Israel aka Satan was created and will return; or you can follow Allah, the God of your father, Adam, to Paradise, from which he was created. Additionally, you Christians can improve your mental health and begin thinking rationally by getting off your mind-debilitating, steady Jew diet consisting of cursed Jew (pork-flesh infiltrated with worms), Jew-god corpse and Jew-god blood.

To those blood-thirsty, racist Christian cannibals who will murder Jesus after his Resurrection for the sole purpose of bleeding him out to bath in his blood; I advise you to reconsider your blasphemous and diabolical worship of a murdered Jew and read the Qur’an and discover your “real” purpose in life is NOT to worship and serve the Jew’s as you do. You will also learn the choice to become a Muslim is not a decision Allah left to the evil likes of Christians. Allah Chooses among His slaves those who are worthy by their good deeds to dwell in Paradise. It is an honor to be a Muslim and you evil Christians will learn this on the Day of Resurrection when you cannibals witness Muslims belonging to the exclusive club of Islam, enter one of seven Gates of Paradise; while Satan’s Offspring and their demon-possessed Christian slaves, disgraced and humiliated, enter one of the seven gates of the Hell-fire. Muslims are the “Chosen People”; chosen to dwell in luxurious Paradise as Allah’s “Honored Slaves”, for all eternity. On the Day of Resurrection, when Allah removes the covering from Christian’s eyes and they see their Jew masters true form; the Qur’an states: “their eyes will stare in horror and they will sink into a fainting from horror” On this fateful Day, Christians will only wish they had been Muslims in the life of this world, as they will learn; Islam is the only religion Allah will accept from His slaves to gain entry to Paradise. I know you dangerously dumb cannibals will laugh and mock me; but you will soon come to know, from the depths of the Hell-fire, ALL Christians will go.

Jameela, Messenger of Allah | September 26, 2010 6:31 AM | Reply
The Lost Tribes of Satan aka Israel
The mystery of two of the ten Lost Tribes of Satan aka Israel has been solved. Allah reveals in the following Verse of the Qur’an that one tribe He Transformed into monkeys and they exist in the animal kingdom and zoos and the other tribe, Allah Transformed into swine; a major food source for the jew’s christian slaves.

(Say [O Muhammad to the people of the Scripture): “Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah? Those [Jews] who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, and those of whom [some] He transformed into monkeys and swines, and those who worshipped Taghut [false deities]; such are worse in rank [on the Day of Resurrection in the Hell-fire], and far more astray from the Right Path [in the life of this world]”.)

Muslims obey Allah and will not eat a “cursed” jew {swine}, as we know the flesh of the swine is permeated with parasitic jew worms that control the minds of the jew’s christian slaves. Also, the pig has human qualities, as pig skin is used in pig-to-human skin graft transplants for burn victims. Allah identifies the jew’s to be the JINN in the following Verses of the Qur’an and He identifies the christian’s partially-eaten, jew corpse god to be a JINN slave Messenger, sent to the Children of Israel and NOT the Children of Adam {non-jews}.

(And they have invented a kinship between Him and the jinn, but the jinn know well that they have indeed to appear [before Him] [i.e. they will be called to account].)

(He [Isa-Jesus] was not more than a slave. We granted Our Favour to him, and We made him an example for the Children of Israel [i.e. his creation without a father].)

(Verily, those whom you call upon besides Allah are slaves like you. So call upon them and let them answer you if you are truthful.)

The jew’s forged the Torah and the New Testament to hide their Satanic origins and to identify Satan as a serpent, however, Allah reveals Satan aka Israel to be a JINN in the following Verses of the Quran:
(“And [remember] when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam.” So they prostrated themselves except Satan. He was one of the jinn; he disobeyed the Command of his Lord. Will you then take him [Iblees] and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you? What an evil is the exchange for the Zaalimoon [polytheists, and wrongdoers, etc.].)

(And the jinn: He created from a smokeless flame of fire.)

The Torah and New Testament are forgeries, as they make gods of the jew’s, while making virtual slaves of the Children of Adam {non-jews}. It is time christian’s recognize the New Testament for what it is: an instruction manual; “How to Serve and Worship Your Hostile Jinn aka Jew Masters for Dummies”. Yes, Allah “Chose” the jew’s, He “Chose” the species consisting of monkeys, swine, devils and jinn; to return back to the Hell-fire from which they were created. The christian’s diabolical worship of a partially-eaten, jew corpse and their worshipping and serving clinically-insane, barn and zoo animals in the life of this world; mandates they receive the harshest punishment in the Hell-fire.

ALLAH is the greatest, ALLAH is ALIVE, but the christian’s god is only a partially eaten, jew corpse. ALLAHU AKBAR you rabid, jew-eating, racist, christian, cannibals of extremely low intelligence. I will be sure to tell your hostile jinn aka jew masters what loyal and obedient slaves you christians are. Enjoy your brief and evil life of fairy tales and hokum your evil jew masters have created for you, because the Hell-fire is your final destination. Only Allah’s Warriors can put-down the rabid, corpse-eating, blood-drinking, christian savages and send them to their partially-eaten, jew corpse they call god.

Jameela, Messenger of Allah | September 26, 2010 6:32 AM | Reply
Jesus’ Descent
Christian’s await Jesus’ return so they can take a diabolical blood bath in his blood to wash their evil sins away; however, Jesus will return, but it won’t be for the reason the jew-eating, jew-worshipping christian savages think. Allah reveals what Jesus will do when he descends to the earth in the following Verse of the Qur’an.

(“By Him [Allah] in Whose Hand my soul is, surely, the son of Mary [Isa {Jesus}] will shortly descend amongst you people [Muslims], and will judge mankind justly by the Law of the Qur’an {as a just ruler}, and will break the Cross and kill the pigs and abolish Jizyah [a tax taken from the people of the Scriptures [Jews and Christians], who are under the protection of a Muslim government. This Jizyah tax will not be accepted by Isa [Jesus] and all mankind will be required to embrace Islam with no other alternative.] Then there will be an abundance of money and nobody will accept charitable gifts.)

Jameela, Messenger of Allah | September 26, 2010 6:33 AM | Reply
Cannibalism is the Cult of Christianity
What kind of people would devour the already tortured corpse of their murdered god and drink his rancid blood? The Christians are the mentally deranged animals who regularly perform this pagan ritual and those deluded ass-wipes of the Jew’s have the audacity to call this satanic ritual a “religion”, superior to Islam. Christian’s clinically insane behavior does not end with them devouring their “dead Jew” god’s corpse. They delude themselves into believing that Jesus lives through them by eating him; but they have failed to realize or incapable of understanding they shit him out; thereby reducing their god to shit. Christians incredulously believe that a mere man who lacked the power to save his own ass from a mob of murderous Jew’s will save them from the certainty of the Hell-fire. Christian’s delusions are far reaching, as they believe they won’t have to pay for their sins because “Jesus died for the sins of mankind”. This too is one of many lies the Jew’s tell their Christian slaves. Master and slave, know damn well that Jesus didn’t simply lie down, fold his arms and announce “I am dying for the sins of mankind”. Jesus was chased down and overrun like a mad dog and brutally murdered on a cross by a perpetual mob of rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, greedy, murderous Jew’s; a mob very similar to the mobs that have overrun Palestine and the US Congress.

The madness within the cannibalistic cult of Christianity has no bounds; as those criminally insane cannibals worship and revere the murder weapon that killed their Jew god. The cross is nothing more than an object from a crime scene, yet the Jew’s diabolically devoted Christian slaves have taken the murder weapon used to kill their god as their symbol of faith and they affix it atop their churches, they dangle miniature weapons (cross) from their necks and ears. One wonders what their symbol would be if the Jew’s had murdered Jesus with an AK47. Christianity is mired in cannibalism, bloodshed and violence.

Stupidity has no bounds within the cannibalistic cult of Christianity, as Christians really believe that a murdered Jew is the immortal God who created all things. Christians are incapable of understanding or they refuse to acknowledge the following two Commandments invalidate Christianity; yet the low-level devils continue to perform vile and inhumane acts of cannibalism on a dead Jew’s corpse and call it “religion”.

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.’
2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth.’

The Christian cannibals thirst for violence and blood is never ending; as Muslims hope for Paradise after death and the blood-thirsty Christians hope to take a blood bath in their resurrected god’s blood to wash their sins away. However, the delusional cretins have not thought this out thoroughly; as they will have to kill Jesus all over again to shed his blood, to take their diabolical blood baths in. The most vile and evil act the Christian cannibals perform in their pagan rituals is the invocation of Satan in his purest form: “a smokeless flame of fire. Christians invoke Satan every time they light a candle on the altar. The only purpose of a candle is to create “a smokeless flame of fire”; Muslims and Jew’s both know that Satan was created from a “smokeless flame of fire”. Christians wait for Jesus’ return, but they never ask themselves who will raise Jesus from the dead? It will be Allah; the God of the Muslims will raise Jesus from the dead; as it was Allah Who created Jesus without a father.

I advise you blood-thirsty, corpse-eating, Christian cannibals who will murder Jesus after his Resurrection for the sole purpose of bleeding him out to bath in his blood; to reconsider your blasphemous and diabolical worship of a dead man and read the Qur’an and discover what your jinn aka Jew masters have kept hidden from you. You will discover that Israel is not a country, but Satan aka Iblis and the Jew’s patriarch. Don’t read the Koran, as this is a crazy book written by crazy Jews, in an attempt to portray Muslims as the murdering lunatics the world knows the Jews to be. On the Day of Resurrection, the cannibals known as Christians will only wish they had been Muslims in the life of this world, as they will learn on this Day that Islam is the only religion that Allah will accept from his slaves to gain entrance to Paradise.

I know that you will laugh and mock me, but you will soon come to know, in the bowels of the Hell-fire you will certainly go.

Jameela, Messenger of Allah | September 26, 2010 7:35 AM | Reply
The Hell-fire will be brimming with dirty-white racist, corpse-eating, blood-drinking christian cannibals who would kill the messenger while ignoring the message. Enjoy your brief and evil lives of fairy tales and hokum your jinn aka jew masters created for their slaves; because the Hell-fire is your final destinations.

Immediately before the angel throws your evil asses in the Hell-fire he will ask of you: “Did no Warner come to you?”; and you will respond: “Yes a Warner did come, but my ignorance overcame me and I attempted to insult her and dismissed her as a crackpot, but if I had only listened or used my intelligence, I wouldn’t be a dweller of the Hell-fire.” And since you christians are accustomed to the mind-debilitating jew-diet of cursed jew {pork permeated with worms}, jew-god corpse and jew-god blood, this will be a noble treat for the evil likes of christians. I invite you ALL to kiss my black, MUSLIM-american, patriotic ASS if you can reach high enough you low-crawling, racist, corpse-eating, ASS-wipes of the jews you worship.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace, I repeat Islam is NOT a religion of peace; as violence is necessary to repel Satan’s Offspring aka Jew’s and their christian slaves attempt to force Muslims to worship the jinn aka jew god jesus by eating his corpse and drinking his blood under the pretense of religion.

Allah is the GREATEST, ALLah is ALIVE, but the christians god is a dead man. ALLAHU AKBAR you racist, dirty-white MUTHA FUCKAS of extremely low intelligence. Christians are the worst kind of slaves; slaves who don’t know they are slaves.

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  1. You racist, christian losers would be better served by asking your master and lying jinn bitch, Pamela Geller to lift her Superwomen skirt and show you her monkey “tail”.

  2. You don’t have to buy it, I am only a Warner, whether you believe or not is up to Allah. If Allah found any good in you, He would guide you to belief, your disbelief proves you are nothing more than fuel for the Hell-fire, so do enjoy your brief and evil life of cannibalism and jew-worship.

  3. Wow, reading all the crap you wrote made me think about the Jinn I have been warned about through the years and some of the dirty filthy language you use would never come from the mouth of a true Warner, so begone you dog, may Allah put you in your place and strike from the mind of true Allah seekers your putrid venom mixed with sacred words in a feeble attempt to pass as a Warner…shame on you.

  4. How did your soul become so poisoned with hate. Why do you let this darkness consume you. Yes the world is full of pain and evil but why are you adding to it. You could use your energy to be a light in the darkness. Spreading the message of peace, love, joy, charity. Those are the only things that will matter on the last day. Those are the things to practice and teach. Clense yourself of this excrement before your soul is lost.

  5. Jameela you are about as useful as a bag of broken light bulbs. So you are saying the Jews wrote the Qur’an so this makes Muhammad a liar, and then there is no such thing as a Muslims because ALL Muslims follow the Qur’an. Here is some truth for you, there is no god, you deluded fool. No one is going to give you what you cannot give yourself, no one is going to punish the people you hate (and you are so full of hatred). The invention of a “one” god is just that, an invention that serves a purpose for an intelligent few to control the unintelligent masses with (that includes you btw).

    Your Allah is a figment of the imagination of people who were insanely high on entheogens (Hallucinogens), (Drugs), but yet they still made more sense than your ignorant butt.

    Do yourself a favor and try and have a healthy brain (atheist) before you end up hurting yourself or someone else as you Muslims end up doing anyway.

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