In Defense of Liberty

I comment here on the world as I understand it. This may be a “well, duh” statement, but I will elaborate on several concepts as I have come to know them in order to provide context to my comments. And for others who may view the world differently, perhaps this will clarify my opinions or facilitate discussion.

Why am I even here online? And under the moniker Civilus Defendus (ci VIL us de FEND us)? Why do I feel strongly that civil defense in America is important and that our constitutional form of governance is significant and worthy of protection? I keep coming back to human liberty, that I value it – cherish and honor it as our heritage, a deliberate gift from our ancestors – and wish to see its continued expression through the coming centuries.

Though I will be dust, my cultural DNA will live on in my progeny, my community and my nation and in people like me across the globe. I yearn to see human liberty advance, unabated, but a dark and foreboding mass, an ancient blood-stained ideology, desires that liberty be extinguished. I cannot yield my life without standing for human liberty, the freedom of conscience, expression and association that is so enjoyed around me and celebrated to its maximum extent, while not damaging the same for others. So, I offer these definitions which frame my views.

Islam is the theo-political doctrine as defined in the koran, sira and hadith as implemented under Islamic Sharia law. Islam commands the attainment of political goals as religious duty, offering an invitation to Islam, enforced subjugation under Sharia or war. A key tenet is to bring the entire world, Muslim and non-Muslim under Sharia law. The sira (life, or biography of Mohammed) and hadith (stories or traditions of Mohammed) are also referred to as the sunnah, the example of the “perfect” man, Mohammed. (Though his “perfection” I cannot see.)

Sharia is the “divine” law of Islam based on the koran, sira, hadith and deliberation of selected Islamic “scholars” or practitioners. (Though its “divinity” I cannot fathom.)

Islamization is the codification of Islamic supremacy by means of Sharia law.

Islamism is the strategy to Islamize the world; to impose Sharia and enforce Islamic supremacism. This strategy may include intellectual persuasion, intimidation, financial enticement, violence, terror, war, demographics, sweet lies or any combination thereof.

Implicit in this strategy and its endgame of Islamic supremacism is the oppression of all things non-Islamic; meaning the subjugation infidels, the denigration of infidel values, the insensitivity to infidel culture, the recurring theft of property and wealth – the fruits of infidel labor, the obliteration of infidel art and history, the suppression of science, technology and discovery, the taking of infidel girls as “tilth” for “plowing” and the loss of liberty, a thing relegated to our glorious past. A past of which we will all become ignorant as the decades pass and the demands of Sharia deconstruct the soul and conscience of men, of women, of children.

I come to this understanding from reading the texts involved, reviewing the history of times and places, and observing real-time events. If this resonates with you, feel free to share. If you rely on alternate definitions or understandings feel free to comment here. I seek ways to counter the billowing dark cloud in order to perpetuate that which is good in us.

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