Wilders, Liberty & Totalitarianism

Dear FOX News,

glennbeck@foxnews.com; Fncspecials@foxnews.com; FNS@foxnews.com; letters@charleskrauthammer.com  (3-10-2010)

While I appreciate your discussing Islam, I respectfully submit that unless you have studied the theo-political doctrine of Islam – the Koran, Sira (biography of Mohammed) and Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed), and its “divine” Sharia law you are very much out of your element in discussing Islam or Muslim behavior. Someone on your staff must immerse themselves in a study of the tenets of Islam, as totalitarian Islam embodies the greatest global and domestic threat to liberty, equality and peace.

Islam’s express desire is to bring the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, under sharia law. If Islam is weak for a period of time, the Islamic community will appear peaceful; however as it gains in numbers and strength the Islamic community will attempt to impose sharia. For examples see Islamic demands and actions in the United Kingdom, France, Kenya or Indonesia. Immigration is the first step in this slow conquest, followed by demands and intimidation, then intolerance, discrimination and violence.

A Muslim who strives in defense or support of Islam may engage, indeed is required to engage in or fund, armed or covert jihad. Islam offers infidels three options, first conversion – an invitation to Islam (Osama bin Laden did this in a letter to former President Bush), then subjugation under sharia (as the Copts are in Egypt today), or jihad war until you convert, accept subjugation or die (reference Sudan, etc).

When a man risks his life and that of his family to speak the truth, when a man stands for principles, for the centuries and souls it took to create systems of governance where liberty is allowed and personal freedom largely protected – you, an AMERICAN media news and opinion outlet should not decry that person for doing so. Perhaps you should pull up a chair and learn something, rather than be in line to squelch the life out of that canary…he is warning you, too, if you would only listen.

Sharia law condemns freedom, forbids equality, and denies traditional sovereignty; it is legitimate that we reject it. The call to sharia law in America is a call to overthrow the US Constitution. Jihad, whether state organized or by individuals must be recognized for what it is, the followers of Islam engaging in war to advance Islam and force the imposition of Islamic sharia law. Please educate yourselves; you may choose cultural suicide, I do not.

To liberty under the US Constitution,

CD, US Citizen

References: Koran, Sira, Hadith

3 thoughts on “Wilders, Liberty & Totalitarianism

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  1. Good letter. Thanks. I wrote and complained too. Shocking lack of knowledge, but even worse may be the political pressure to keep their head in the sand.

  2. Most excellent and I will be adding you to blogroll.
    Your writing is outstanding, back by facts and the truth. If I ever cross post anything, I will let you know and provide links back to your site.

    There is no peace within Islam and with Islam there can never be peace.

  3. Very good letter, we should all copy it and send it too them, e-bomb them with it…!!!
    Thanks for your hard work!

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