This is Not About Free Speech or Religion

There needs to be no issue with freedom of speech or religion. Islam is an ideology, a theo-political ideology. They call it a religion, we don’t have to. This theo-political ideology makes the Attainment of Political Objectives a Religious Duty. That political objective, that religious duty, is to see the entire world under the “divine” law of sharia; to obliterate man-made law, in our case the US Constitution, but every national charter is in jeopardy. So, for them it is political and/or theological; we can still just call it an ideology, like communism is an ideology.

In a free nation you can talk about an ideology openly, however you cannot talk about implementing this ideology – THAT is sedition. So, we can analyze sharia law, read about it and study its consequences in islamic lands, however the second anyone talks about implementing sharia they are committing an act of sedition against the sovereign nation they are in. Take concrete steps to implement it? Inssurection. Levy war? Treason. (See 18 USC Chapter 115.)

Speech? Use your voice, just don’t scream for the annihilation of my law, my traditions and my institutions – my culture. Religion? Practice whatever you want as long as you leave ME, the Infidel out of it and keep your hands OFF my Constitution.

Continued ignorance, accommodation, appeasement and ‘hopeful assimilation’ is cultural suicide.

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