4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

by Civilus Defendus, with a hat tip to Kali Politus

(Video by LSA, PDF version here. Click, save, share.)


Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

  • First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.
  • Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.
  • Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).
  • High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.
  • Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.
  • Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.
  • Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.
  • Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.

How many nations are suffering from Islamic infiltration? One? A handful? Nearly every nation? The Islamic ‘leadership” of the Muslim Brotherhood and others wish to dissolve each nation’s sovereignty and replace it with the global imposition of Islamic sharia law. Sharia law, based on the koran, sira and hadith, condemns liberty and forbids equality and is inconsistent with the laws of all Western nations. As the author and historian Serge Trifkovic states:

“The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.”


Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts.

  • Proselytizing increases; Establishment and Recruitment of Jihadi cells.
  • Efforts to convert alienated segments of the population to Islam.
  • Revisionist efforts to Islamize history.
  • Efforts to destroy historic evidence that reveal true Islamism.
  • Increased anti-western propaganda and psychological warfare.
  • Efforts to recruit allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists).
  • Attempts to indoctrinate children to Islamist viewpoint.
  • Increased efforts to intimidate, silence and eliminate non-Muslims.
  • Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.
  • Continued focus on enlarging Muslim population by increasing Muslim births and immigration.
  • Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund jihad.
  • Covert efforts to bring about the destruction of host society from within.
  • Development of Muslim political base in non-Muslim host society.
  • Islamic Financial networks fund political growth, acquisition of land.
  • Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.
  • Tolerance of non-Muslims diminishes.
  • Greater demands to adopt strict Islamic conduct.
  • Clandestine amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.
  • Overt disregard/rejection of non-Muslim society’s legal system, culture.
  • Efforts to undermine and destroy power base of non-Muslim religions including and especially Jews and Christians.

Is there a pattern here? Theo van Gogh is murdered in the Netherlands for ‘insulting’ Islam; the Organization of the Islamic Conference demands ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws through the United Nations; France is set afire regularly by ‘youths’ (read Muslims); the rise of (dis-) honor killings…holocaust denial…anti-Semitism…deception re the tenets of Islam; hatred toward Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists.  The pattern for all to see is the rise of Islamic intolerance and the covert/cultural jihad to remake host societies into sharia-compliant worlds – to remove host sovereignty and replace it with Islamic sharia law.  Sharia law that condemns earthly liberty and individual freedom, that forbids equality among faiths and between the sexes, that rejects the concept of nations outside the global house of Islam, that of dar al-Islam.


Open violence to impose Sharia law and associated cultural restrictions; rejection of host government, subjugation of other religions and customs.

  • Intentional efforts to undermine the host government & culture.
  • Acts of barbarity to intimidate citizens and foster fear and submission.
  • Open and covert efforts to cause economic collapse of the society.
  • All opposition is challenged and either eradicated or silenced.
  • Mass execution of non-Muslims.
  • Widespread ethnic cleansing by Islamic militias.
  • Rejection and defiance of host society secular laws or culture.
  • Murder of “moderate” Muslim intellectuals who don’t support Islamization.
  • Destruction of churches, synagogues and other non-Muslim institutions.
  • Women are restricted further in accordance with Sharia law.
  • Large-scale destruction of population, assassinations, bombings.
  • Toppling of government and usurpation of political power.
  • Imposition of Sharia law

The website www.thereligionofpeace.com keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks as best it can. The site lists more than 14,000 attacks since September 2001. It is worth a visit. What is occurring, however, that is likely inestimable are events where muslims are bullied by other muslims for not being “muslim enough,” where non-Muslims are intimidated into doing or not doing what they desire, where remnant populations are in a death spiral simply for being non-muslim in a predominantly muslim area. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists Animists and Atheists meet with death, property destruction or confiscation, forced conversion, rape, excessive taxation (the jizya), enslavement, riotous mobs and various other forms of islam (in-) justice at the hands of muslims in Sudan, Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, India, etc.  And let us not forget ‘death to Apostates’ the world over.


Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology.

  • Sharia becomes the “law of the land.
  • All non-Islamic human rights cancelled.
  • Enslavement and genocide of non-Muslim population.
  • Freedom of speech and the press eradicated.
  • All religions other than Islam are forbidden and destroyed.
  • Destruction of all evidence of non-Muslim culture, populations and symbols in country (Buddhas, houses of worship, art, etc).

The House of Islam (“peace”), dar al-Islam, includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule, to the soul crushing, liberty-condemning, discriminatory law of Sharia. The rest of the world in in the House of War, dar al-harb, because it does not submit to Sharia, and exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of ‘Allah.’ No non-Muslim state or its citizens are “innocent,” and remain viable targets of war for not believing in ‘Allah.’ The Christian, Jewish, Coptic, Hindu and Zoroastrian peoples of world have suffered under subjugation for centuries. The Dhimmi-esque are forbidden to construct houses of worship or repair existing ones, economically crippled by the heavy jizya (tax), socially humiliated, legally discriminated against, criminally targeted and generally kept in a permanent state of weakness, fear and vulnerability by Islamic governments.

It should be noted that forced conversions (Egypt) and slavery (Sudan) are still reported. Homosexuals have been hung in the public square in Iran. Young girls are married to old men. Apostates are threatened with death. “Honor” killings are routine. Women are legally second-class citizens, though Muslim males insist they are “treated better” than in the West. These more obvious manifestations may distract from some less obvious ones such as the lack of intellectual inquiry in science, narrow scope of writing, all but non-existent art and music, sexual use and abuse of youth and women, and the disregard for personal fulfillment, joy and wonder. Look into the eyes of a recently married 12 year old girl to see the consequence of the moral deprivation spawned by Islam.

The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest is also available in pdf format for easy sharing as part of “Liberty vs Sharia

124 thoughts on “4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

  1. Wake up Westerners March 8, 2010 / 6:43 pm

    Hi all…

    This article is scaring, but it is 110% true…

    I’m a Copt…A Christian living in a land that was cursed by the worst catastrophe ever…Islam.

    Islam can never be removed…It is a complete war machine. Islam defines its Empire from the smallest detail (how to enter restroom) to the greatest deed (Open war against humanity)…Islam has no tolerance at all…

    And they are not (just) planning to conquer the west…They ARE already conquering it by exactly these stages…I hear them everyday…I hear them with my own ears, talking proudly about how many of them are now in the West. I hear them openly disregard personal freedom, and declaring their intent in forcing Allah’s law over all the world

    Take care Westerners…Take care…
    Learn the lesson of Andalusia…Islam cannot be tolerated…You can only get rid of it by crushing it, and kicking it out.

  2. Fran Ingram March 11, 2010 / 2:09 pm

    Thanks for this clear article. Very scary, but definitely true.
    What is shocking is the lack of real examination of Islam around the world and the weakness of Western governments and especially Christian churches and leadership to speak out about this obviously anti-Christ demonic religion.
    We are trying to do what we can at DWOC (doveworld.org).

  3. Fran Ingram March 11, 2010 / 6:48 pm

    Can I repost this on doveworld.org ‘s blog?
    Yes! ~ CD

  4. scott March 11, 2010 / 11:19 pm

    I have been thinking this for a long time, but did not know it was codified. The problem is you tell this to liberals and they all think you are a conspiracy theorist wearing a tin hat. I have handed out books by Serge to others and still they dont believe me. I am 51 years old, and hopefully I will not see the day this happens to the US, but I know its coming!

  5. The Inconvenient Truth March 12, 2010 / 4:29 pm

    To be honest, I wish from the bottom of my heart that this is not true, that this article is wrong. But events after events dashed this very hope. It’s scary but it’s true and nobody wants to admit it for obvious reasons.

  6. Tim Filkin April 11, 2010 / 8:02 pm

    This is true. Any sensible person who can read about the terrorist attacks in the world, will understand this. The sooner America realises the better it is for humanity.

  7. NotADhimmiYet April 12, 2010 / 2:37 pm

    Thanks for publishing this! It is so needed today. We Americans are so naive and so ignorant about what Islam truly is. And we have an American president who seems to be ready to submit to Islam with no questions and who seems to be attacking and alienating all of our [former] friends!

    I learned for the first time something from a friend in Cairo who is one of the leading Christian figures in Egypt….that of the 3 Houses of Islam:
    1. The House of Islam )(Dar al Islam)
    2. The House of War (Dar al Harb)
    3. The House of Agreement (Dar al Hudna)

    It is frightening. Look them up and apply it to what is happening today.

  8. Genesis Merano May 10, 2010 / 7:11 am

    Well-written and very comprehensive. The problem with Muslims is they expect everyone to bow to them. And when the non-muslim countries must put up their defenses, these militants would wail and cry that they’ve been shun by the rest of the world.

    As always they expect their host countries to be tolerant but when non-muslims enter their territory, they don’t play fair.

    As a person from a predominantly Christian nation (The Philippines) my country shares with the rest of the world the same problem with those who wage Jihad. For sure, you know about what’s happening about the never ending war being waged by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao. They kidnap civilians, relief workers, missionaries and even journalists.

    So to speak, most of the incidences here were caused by terrorists who follow Islam.

    You’re right, they expect all non-muslims to understand and make peace with them but never will they do the same. In the end they would just stab you in the back.

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  10. Saxonsback June 30, 2010 / 9:36 am

    It will get to a certain point and it will push war upon us. Exactly like Europe and the nazis. For how long did they sweep it under the carpet in hopes that it would go away? History tends to repeat itself. But then this isn’t the first time they’ve (Islam) attempted to take over the world. they suffered a great loss and I believe they will again. This time the west has to make sure it NEVER has the means to rise again.

  11. Tabitha korol July 11, 2010 / 2:48 am

    Dear folks:
    You’re agreeing, but what are you doing about it? You must contact your congressmen about the mosque that’s planned to be built on Ground Zero…the same Ground Zero that was once the symbol of our success, the World Trade Center that Muslims “bombed,” killing 3,000 of our people. This mosque must NEVER be erected. Islamists are going to name it Cordova Mosque, which is their symbol of the height of Islam’s “Golden Age,” when they reigned over Christians and Jews (711-1492). Google and read “4 stages of Islamic Conquest,” and realize we’re well into stage 2. Get actively involved; a comment isn’t enough. Help to save us all! Thanks! (TK – I think you’ll find many readers to be active in the defense of liberty. Thank you for your comments. – CD)

  12. Tabitha Korol July 11, 2010 / 2:43 pm

    Phenomenal information and while we’re all wringing our hands, are we doing anything else? Are you writing to our administration (particularly NY’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo) to wake him up and stop the construction of the mosque on Ground Zero? The Muslims cleared the ground for themselves and now they’re going to build a caliphate; are we going to just sit back and watch them use our democracy against us? They intend to bring back the glory of Islam (711-1492) when they ruled Christians and Jews from Cordoba, Spain. They’re calling it the Cordoba Mosque. The opening date is 9/11 of 2012. Get it? They’re killing our democracy one step at a time…how about NEVER AGAIN for this totalitarian takeover?! Please, please rise up.

  13. SUGAR August 21, 2010 / 10:41 pm

    Shalom! Can your information be used for educating the masses? Thank you.

    Certainly. You can download the pdf file(s) and use it(them) or link to my site.
    In liberty, CD

  14. Quaquaa August 23, 2010 / 4:06 pm

    I am moving out of this country and going where its safe…as soon as I find such a place….

  15. Civilus Defendus September 16, 2010 / 3:03 am

    Dear Friends of Liberty,
    I am grateful for your comments. Please feel free to share this article via cut and paste, the URL or as a pdf (here: https://civilusdefendus.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/liberty-vs-sharia-july-2010-ltr.pdf ) Attribution to Civilus Defendus is appreciated.

    Share your knowledge, inform and challenge everyone, with particular attention to your elected representatives. Build your efforts so that by September 11, 2011 we can say “I know now and sharia is NOT welcome in my nation!”

    Here are 18 legislative actions to stop sharia(pdf):

    Click to access call-to-action-4pg-july-2010.pdf

  16. John Neeting September 26, 2010 / 1:44 pm

    I goggled ‘prophet of doom’ by Craig Wynn. Downloaded everything – it’s free and HUGE. Listened, read, watched the vids. I hope I’m dead when Islam tries to take over the REST of the world because I don’t want to be someone with a gun and a mask, shooting everyone trying to impose this disease on me.

  17. S October 10, 2010 / 2:42 pm

    Host country’s will not wake up and eradicate. We are headed for the end time. GOD’S PLAN WILL BE FULFILLED!
    All nation’s will rise up against Israel lead by the devil and his Islamic forces.

  18. Vivi Andersen October 17, 2010 / 3:19 am

    John Neeting

    I am 65 – and I think that I and You will be forced to do what we do not want to do !

    We have to act on behave of our grandchildren !

    We are those who have voted year after year on those politicians who have opened the gates for the muslims.

  19. Historyscoper October 27, 2010 / 3:51 pm

    Simply put, Allah is the archenemy of our Western freedoms, including our precious U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Therefore those who submit to him are already working for the other team.

    Keep up on daily global news of the Islamic threat free at http://tinyurl.com/islamwatch

  20. Wild Bill November 7, 2010 / 6:56 am

    The Muslims in Alaska have bought a 20 acre parcel of land in the Anchorage area to erect a mosque.I wonder how pleased the “religion of peace “will be when they find out that since finding out about their purchase we have been dumping bacon grease and burying bacon all over “their Property”.

    Just say no to sharia law,and Islam
    Wild Bill

  21. Wiliam Barham November 7, 2010 / 6:59 am

    I know many good people who follow the Muslim faith,and ALL are opposed to universal sharia law.

    Wild Bill
    Afognak Island

  22. Ras November 8, 2010 / 1:10 pm

    Being an Irish man living in the US for just under 10 years now, I know what religious divides can lead to, and that is open war on the streets. People can say whatever the hell they want about the USA but I know for a fact there is no place on earth like it. For all its faults it is still leading the world in every aspect of civilization. For this reason I call myself a lifetime ally of the American people. For this reason I will always speak the truth when it comes to Islam. Islam is a revenge cult, it will try its best to assimilate the USA but it WILL fail. Education must be the first priority for every non “revenge cult” person (Infidel). Theocracies are a thing of the past and must never be allowed to exist in a free nation. Our civilization has advanced ‘because’ of secularization and ‘because’ we have stepped away from the chains of theocratic beliefs. Never forget that the human race must not depend on fiction to define it. The founding fathers of this great land knew exactly the reasons why there should be a separation between church and state, because that is only when freedom can flourish. Islam would see the constitution destroyed and reversed.

    Time to be politically incorrect, make a stand NOW so your children won’t have to later.

  23. SUGAR November 9, 2010 / 1:56 pm

    Shalom everyone! Someone made the comment that they know some muslims, and that they do NOT want universal Sharia Law. I find that interesting, being that France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Australia, England, etc., are having so many problems with Muslims, and how they WANT Sharia Law implemented in these countries’ legal system. Anyone care to comment?

  24. Tabitha Korol November 9, 2010 / 9:32 pm

    When the few increase to become the many, the Muslims will change. They will comply with the directives that come from their mosques, whether it’s willingness or fear. A GOOD Muslim is one who follows the word of Allah and Muhammad; a bad Muslim is one who leaves the faith – and that means he/she is no longer Muslim. For some easy reading on line, Google Dr. Bill Warner, Islam, and whatever key words you wish to add. Also, it’s very possible that the Muslims who say they don’t want Sharia law are speaking “taqiyyah,” Islamic deceit to fool the infidel. So why even ask the question of Muslims in the first place?!

  25. Edwin November 13, 2010 / 8:09 am

    I live in Chicago, and there are many Muslims here. The women walk around fully covered with only their eyes visible. They even cover their daughters who are dressed this way for public school.
    Well, today when I was walking home I noticed all the Muslims looked troubled and unhappy. The feeling I got from them was that they were becoming demoralized and realize that they will not prevail and that Islam will not prevail in its plan for domination.

    Actually, the Muslims are not powerful. All they have is bluster. The reason we are in our (temporarily) frustrating situation is that our media and mannequin politicians are covering for them and promoting them. Anyone who speaks up is silenced and made into a pariah. But as the real situation becomes more obvious many, many people are learning the truth and the media is becoming more suspect by the day. Fewer and fewer people believe them.

    There will be a trigger event and Islam will be changed forever. We need to take the starch out of their pants — and we can do it. Everyone is getting sick of the bellshut.

  26. Rob November 13, 2010 / 4:24 pm

    We must get rid of the first Muslim on 2012 that being Obama. He is their doorway. Look at all the problems Europe is having with Muslims. France is burning and Germany is losing the war on multiculturalism. It don’t work. We don’t want you here because you will not stand against the terrorist. You are afraid of your own kind OR you are with them. We don’t trust you and for good reason. The American people will rise up against you regardless of the laws our hating American politician’s slap on us. If you had any balls, you would stand toe to toe with us, but your cowards and have to blow up children and old people. Come into the heartland at your own risk!!!

  27. John Adams November 13, 2010 / 4:57 pm

    Religion is the bane of human existance, the single greatest hoax in the history of mankind, and the cause of the vast majority of the problems in our world.

    This includes Christianity, by the way.

    All religions are invented hoaxes.

  28. DarkStar November 17, 2010 / 6:19 pm

    Taqiyyah is exactly what they are using to deceive
    those they deem as infidals…which is all the rest of us. Will Bill says “dumping bacon grease and burying bacon” is one way to discourage these usurpers from building their mosques? Pig dung is more vile to them and contaminating. They don’t seem to get the message any other way. Let them know we don’t want their shira crap here in our country. Let those who own a pig farms make contributions.

  29. btilly November 21, 2010 / 7:19 pm

    The stages of Islamic conquest with all of the conquest already produced by Allah the God of this world, better known as Satan the Devil.

    Wake up elite, regular people. Allah and his warriors are telling us to our faces what they plan to do and all we do is wish. Well let’s expose and inform the people. Most Muslims dont even know about 9-11, yet think we want to destroy Islam. We dont want Islam in America because it is a political religion organized to destroy and rule and reshape us into them. That means, female genital multilation, castration of non-muslim males, beheading etc. Sharia Law is SatAnic LAW.

  30. Citizen Kafir December 12, 2010 / 7:30 pm

    We must make a point to judge the Koran and each and every single one of the so-called moderate Muslims – in a forum created specifically for the purpose of determining their eligibility to be taught to our children in US schools or to be a US citizen

  31. Ade December 31, 2010 / 1:59 pm

    It sounds plausible but is it actually true? Can we name any country in the world that has been through these four stages?

    Countries where Sharia law is practised (such as parts of Pakistan and Sudan) have been Islamic for centuries.

    The Islamic countries of Middle East and Africa were most conquered by Muslim tribes in the 6 and 700s (and at that time the world was full of conquering tribes)

    The article sounds like a possible projection into the future but without any evidence to back it up, I have to remain unconvinced.

    (Note – see the PDF version (link above) for examples. From sharia courts to the burning of churches (and Christians); from land confiscation to child abduction for conversion; from murder to maiming, Islam can be found to be in various stages of conquest in Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, France, UK, Serbia/Kosovo, Armenia, India, and “secular” Turkey, just to name a few. Old and new Spain as well. – CD)

  32. Jane Hobbs January 11, 2011 / 3:04 am

    HI I live in southern Ireland and even people in my little town can obviously see the increase of muslims coming in, living here and basically not integrating with the locals. We do not want them here…

    If im on the streets or in a supermarket ill deliberatly stare at Muslims if they are walking around with a Burka because its not my culture and this is my town, my roots and my culture. If you dont like me starting then go home…
    People are not idiots multiculturalism doesnt work and these muslims simply do not integrate into our town or community and keep to themselves and are very distant. Most people do not want them here and they are not welcome here and i can see more and more people becoming more hostile to them where i live. Because people are becoming more educated about them. But we have goverments and the EU telling us we are racist that if we behave in a certain way, I say to hell with all this racist rubbish and people are getting very tired of been told we are racists because we simply do not like muslims…

  33. Rose April 5, 2011 / 2:49 pm

    All the world needs to wake up to the fact that islam will bring the world to it’s knees if not stopped.Just how much are we going to take from these evil people?We should really feel sorry for them as they are decieved by the greatest deciever of all,satan,but we must halt islam wherever we find it.

  34. Brian August 27, 2011 / 4:24 pm

    The way to defeat Islamism forever is to 1) separate religion and state and 2) turn the jihad concept on its head. A story was told to me about the latter and is available at Amazon under the title, “A Jihadi For Ijtihad.” Take a look, read it, spread it round!

  35. shalom September 13, 2011 / 9:43 am

    in India these people are making too much problem,its democratic country, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists , Jews, Sikhism have no problem with country or each other.but these people are the biggest problem ,around 90% criminals are from this religion only.rape ,murder and anti national activities…u people cant imagine how they making troubles to the country. we Indians always help and support jews,the only one place where jews are not attacked is in india only.but in mumbai attack these pigs are are targeted and attacked chabad house.now they are involving lots of political campagin aganist indian constitution and nation.

  36. Infidel Belle September 24, 2011 / 12:22 pm

    Right on the nose! We need to fix the liberalism before (or at same time) tackling Islamification issues. If we tackle Islamification first, we’ll always have liberals to blame us. It is two aspects, IMO. America has 0.6% Muslims and look at France– 8%. They are having problems already. At this rate, in about 20 years, Muslim percentage will increase to the point of destablization like it is in France. My kids will in their late 30’s and I hope they don’t have kids. The horror… Not worth it.

  37. Infidel Belle September 24, 2011 / 12:31 pm

    One more thing. Dearborn, Michigan is slowly adopting “No Go Zone”… first in America! France has 752 “No Go Zones”… That’s a lot for 8% Muslim population!! London has one NGZ in Tower Hamlets borough and they have mere ~1.6% Muslim population.

    Destablization has begun, especially with London Rioters and exploitation of young native English girls (sex-slavery, especially Charlene Downes — RIP)

    Google “No Go Zone”…

  38. David Bishop (@Masada2013) November 1, 2011 / 2:02 am

    Take time to understand what Islam will offer you…once it is fully established in your area.

  39. Pat Mcpat November 13, 2011 / 6:35 am

    infidel belle says . TLC tv is putting on a tv show about all American Muslim is the name of the show . from dearborn michigan now thare starting to push Islam on us thru tv shows . ex i have alredy went to tlc and told theme what i think about thare program i wis every one here would do the same .

  40. Rahman Timur December 6, 2011 / 9:03 pm

    @the outhor of PDF :The solutions needed are:1.A massive campaign to ACTIVATE the idea of Mr. Geert Widers some months ago about “THe intrnational day of ESCAPE FROM ARABIC HELL or ESCAPE FROM ARABIC BELIEF” 2. EStablish a CLINIC for MENTAL REHABILITATION for NON ARABIC MUSLIM who had been YOKED and SLAVED,who actualy wants to go out from the ARABIC CULT but fear of the murder threath of being MURTAD, due to the ayah in the Arabic ‘Bible’.( Tragically they know that they were victim of the Arabic SYSTEM ,they were made a merchandice comodity ,soldiers of ARABIC MERCENARIES( with out salary becouse, the promised salary namely the HEAVEN or FIRDAUS which derived from the word PARADISE -had been revoked or CANCELED ,etc etc bad condition folowing.but they are HAPPY – see Q;9;111,) 3Recover the mass media which had been controled by THEM.. 4.The establishment of such clinic will absorb many Psycologist and Therapeutish and will make a fortune ,since many milion of patiens are available in South East Asia only! 5.Waiting your coments ,best regard Rahman Timur 12.7 .2011

  41. AUSSIE EASY fixer April 6, 2012 / 10:06 pm


  42. AUSSIE EASY fixer April 29, 2012 / 2:49 pm

    time to put muhammad on trial for …under age carnal activities , torture , rape , pledgerism , war crimes , treason , raceism , hate speach, insighting violence , crimes against society particularly women & misleading /lying on a massive evil deadly scale unheard of since emperor constantine of rome hijacked & screwed /twisted/perverted/completely criminalized the early / original teachings of jesus the christ

  43. midgebug July 6, 2012 / 6:21 pm

    Wake up America!!! This is happening right now. We have a Muslim president who congratulated the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood for winning the presidential election in Egypt where they are forcing people to convert to Islam or be killed. I think we may have the Antichrist rearing his ugly head and Obama is goig to do all he can to help him. Obama is already taking our freedoms away from us. Muslims are taking over. Go to You Tube and search for Christians being attacked in Dearborn, MI. I don’t know what it is going to take for America to wake up. What happened in Dearborn is going to start happening everywhere. The Dearborn police turned their heads the other way and then harassed the Christians. We are in big trouble. Obama is a scary, scary man!!!

  44. Mary Frances Kniight July 9, 2012 / 1:40 am

    I guess the Muslims are going to try to take over the world. Lord have mercy on us. God bless America!! People pray to keep our freedom.

  45. John Daniels July 28, 2012 / 6:34 pm

    America is about to fall to Islam. Make no mistake, our politicians are being paid by organizations such as CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Read, ‘THE COMING” A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ @ Amazon to see what our future will look like.

  46. AZ May 25, 2013 / 3:06 pm

    The International Religious Freedom Report for 2012 doesn’t even mention Bangladesh where the minority religions are having hard time because of Islam.

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  48. Amazon January 17, 2014 / 10:48 am

    Which would you rather have in society, Islam or Christianity?
    With Christianity you have your freedoms, with Islam and their Sharia Law you have none. Might want to get educated on what Sharia Law is all about instead of assuming you know what it is. With more Muslims breeding like rats in the USA, their votes will be counted in favor of Sharia Law, might want to check out the 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest and how they implement Sharia Law slowly into society until we’re all fucked. Christianity won’t chop your head off for being atheist, but Islam will. So ya got to ask yourself, which is the greater threat. Investigate what I’m saying, don’t assume you know what it is. Once you do, it might scare the shit out of you, Seriously do it.

  49. Azeddine Lairini April 24, 2014 / 11:45 am

    God sent us prophets and holy books not to fight about these books and these prophets, but they were telling us actually how to live together…If we ignore those teachings witch ever faith you belong, you profess…then i think we all be finding ourselves in an even deeper mess…The Muslims not lose faith in Humanity, Humanity is an big ocean..and if a few drops of the ocean are dirty (freemasonry,zionism, neo-cons propaganda against the big Islam) ,the big ocean does not become dirty..each one must know very well that the big & the international terror in the world is the usa administration and his military base ( israel ) the Islam and the Muslim have nothing with the terrorism, Islam is for the Peace and bring people together.

    CD Comment: There is little room in islam for the dirty kuffar to “live together” as interactions are limited to conversion, subjugation or war. Also, plundering of kafir wealth as history has shown.

  50. zulekha April 30, 2014 / 10:53 pm

    All is true, but how to stop it, Its a big challenge for all religion and various thoughts of people. Now its a time to be united , all countries of the world and all religions of thoughts against it.

  51. lim July 9, 2014 / 8:51 pm

    none of it is true, just islamophobic propaganda. Use your brain people, it is being washed heavily. Educate yourself about sharia law and you’ll that it is just the new boogeyman!

    CD Comment: My certified, stamped and approved book of sharia says otherwise. Oh, and all those fatwas, too.

  52. Moses July 10, 2014 / 1:46 am

    The devil has always been (& will be till the world ends) against God and His spiritual Kingdom. The greedy Westerners have played into the hands of the fanatics of Middle east/elsewhere. by doing business with the Middle east. There is nothing like “blessed people” for people of ANY community of middle east decent in the last 2000 years. As the world has huge number of superstitious population(they don’t understand even the simple Bible) the religious leaders are spewing venom and lies ably supported by some kingdoms of oil rich families. This is ironic indeed for knowledge age!!!!This must be stopped and reversed to bring some sanity to the world 1!!!! Please tell me if there are better ways….

  53. Moses July 10, 2014 / 2:23 am

    Christianity is about being a disciple of Christ or being Christ like and the world or western worlds can NEVER be Christian. A Christian will live where ever he is including the evil empires of the middle east. The early Christians were willing to die for their faith, but the evil religions are willing to kill for state sponsored religion. The religious leaders of untrue religions are spreading lies and slandering Christianity to keep their flock happy. This must be broken through knowledge in this knowledge age. This can be a solution to the terror problem..I received a missed called on my cell when I blogged about Pakistan. This is how they react to to silence you. Your silence is their strength!!!!

  54. melsbabysis October 1, 2014 / 1:14 am

    Reblogged this on American Voice and commented:
    Why reinvent the wheel? This is another great post regarding Islam. Wherever I find good info, I’ll pass it on!

  55. lim October 27, 2014 / 3:07 am

    Amazon says:
    January 17, 2014 at 10:48 am
    Which would you rather have in society, Islam or Christianity?
    With Christianity you have your freedoms, with Islam and their Sharia Law you have none.
    Amazon et al, why don’t you enlighten us about shariah law, what is it?
    Too many of you use it to scare the great many out of their wits, yet none of you know what it is.
    Four stages of conquest? How? With which means and weaponry? All the means and weapons come from the west, Muslims are as divided as Christians are, between sunni, shia, wahabist, sufis, salafist, secular, non-practicing… where is the unanimity that is required to conquer anything? Especially when Muslims themselves are killing one another like crazy?
    Take a deep breath, people, worry about your lives, right here, right now, and the government that spies on you and takes your freedoms one at a time while you are distracted by islam and shariah law.
    Wake up white people!

  56. lim October 27, 2014 / 3:12 am

    All of you preaching hatred and fear against other people , other religions obviously do not know enough about your religion. As a muslim, i dare claim Jesus and Moses as mine rather than yours. Their message is the same Muhamad brought, from the same divinity, whether called God, Jehovah or Allah. There is only one God, and He created you, me and him.
    Jesus preached love and goodwill, you all preaching hatred and division, you are as far from Jesus (Peace be upon him) as your leaders who drop bombs on innocent people for the sdake of the military industrial complex.
    Wake up white people!

  57. brutuslll December 4, 2014 / 3:53 am

    Reblogged this on Brutus III Percent and commented:
    Would be some work, but tracking instances and putting them in one place for all to see in real time would be enlightening if done right.

  58. 11c40m60 January 11, 2015 / 6:31 am

    “Lim” you are the problem spreading your muslem lies. JESUS was sent by GOD to save us because we all sin. JESUS is not yours because you muslems only hate and your god is Satan

  59. Pingback: WHO CARES |
  60. John the Drunkard May 12, 2015 / 4:09 am

    I don’t think India, or Spain, or North Africa, or Turkey or ‘Palestine’ became Islamic by anything like the suggested program above. Straightforward military conquest, fueled by the prospect of loot and power, seems to have done the trick.

    The things the author describes (e.g. hoping to breed a majority in European countries) ARE supported and advocated by plenty of imams. But the notion of a deliberate, universal, strategy seems silly. After all, they’d have to keep taking breaks to get back to Sunni versus Shia slaughter.

  61. lim June 12, 2015 / 12:05 am

    11c40m60 says:
    January 11, 2015 at 6:31 am
    “Lim” you are the problem spreading your muslem lies. JESUS was sent by GOD to save us because we all sin. JESUS is not yours because you muslems only hate and your god is Satan
    That makes no sense! Are you saying that satan is God? Who created humanity, satan or God? What differentiates a white muslim from a white christian other than their faith? Is one human and the other not?
    As a Muslim, I listen to Jesus’ (peace be upon him) message and do not hate. I love you as my fellow human being, a fellow creature of the one God, as demanded every messenger ever sent. Can you say the same thing?

  62. Raja June 12, 2015 / 12:28 am

    Jihad is all about lies, deception and propaganda by clerics of Islam and vast majority of muslims agree with the evil clerics who are stupid like their master.Jihad is from the devil because it has all the trademarks of bad fruits borne by the devil as Jesus had forewarned!!!!

  63. Fran October 5, 2015 / 2:40 am

    I am tired of do gooders saying that Christians are just as bad as Muslims and that the bible says the same thing as the all the Muslims books. I don’t remember anywhere in the bible where it says it is ok to lie to fool your enemy or that if they don’t believe in Christianity then it is ok to rape, torture or murder non-believers…Kafirs…or the excuse that Christians killed Muslims hundreds of years ago, so it is okay for Muslims to do it now…all horse manure !

  64. Concerned November 15, 2015 / 5:20 am

    Well, after the attacks in France yesterday, this article, which is over 5 years old is starting to make sense.

  65. Pingback: LINES BY LIMING
  66. Kenneth Zahler January 2, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    The arguments are made that the Muslims who would follow this path are a small percentage. Even if true they will prevail unless the U.S. reacts now. Do note vote for a congressman, senator or president who will not make such a pledge. As rare as it is to get someone elected without party backing, please remember Joe Lieberman Connecticut senator. The media refuses to report on the Tea party but they are fighting against Muslim domination.

  67. 11c40m60 January 31, 2016 / 12:15 am

    And when the muslam populatioreaches 3% they, muslams start taking over the whole comunity. Even if my persentage is wrong, i am not wrong about the community take over.
    AMERICANS NEED TO WAKE UP AND LEARN TO UNDERSTAND MULAMS ARE NOT OUR FREINDS. they use our oh the poor people to these people want us “”DEAD””………And they do it while they use our resourses and laugh and throw candy in the streets.

  68. obbop February 6, 2016 / 3:53 pm

    I view CAIR as an enemy of our Western ways of life. Defend the homeland from enemies, people, It is the only one we have and invading fiends want to change our ways of life. If we tried the same in Muslim lands we would be evicted or killed.

    No tolerance for an enemy that would, if they could, force us to serve or convert to their “religion” that is far more than a religion. Islam is a way of life, of governance and how a society operates. I will FIGHT TO THE DEATH to keep that from happening,

    And these tyrant politician traitors catering to evil? Will Revolutionary War Two be the only way to rid ourselves of those filthy fiends?

  69. Bob May 16, 2016 / 11:31 am

    Six years after this original post, and their evil plan is going very well indeed: the pedal is on the metal.
    Muslim’s created a barbarous situation in the Middle East, causing muslims to flee to Europe (oddly, mostly fit young men – women and children are left behind, the very opposite of Western Values) and get them accepted as ‘ refugees’.
    The result is a HUGE increase in the muslim population.
    Eveything else detailed here will follow.
    Unless Europe WAKES UP.
    Perhaps, after the attacks on women in various cities, we are.

    Islam is the enemy of the civilised world.

  70. Patrice Ayme July 15, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Arguably, Islam is more into human sacrifices than the Aztec religion.

  71. Candra Wibowo July 16, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    six years ago I would have thought that your posting here was rubbish. now I am afraid that I must agree with you. though on the bright side I will say that a lot of muslims are still poor, illiterate and uneducated. if we could recognize the problem and handle it right now. we have a good chance to eradicate this evil ideology.

  72. surj1936 July 24, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    Its so unfortunate that still the vast majority of non muslims are asleep and are NOT aware of the evils of Islam. From Muslim’s Evil Quran Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [infidels/kafirs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” And that is exactly what muslims have been doing for the last 1436 years and don’t expect them to stop now Just see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

  73. Denny September 15, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    It is happening right now thanks to Obama.

  74. greatgosh January 23, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Trump: right place-right time.

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