Who Will You Trust?

There is but one Islam and when it comes to non-muslims, it is neither moderate nor peaceful, but hostile. Islam is built on the koran (words of allah) and the life of Mohammed (sira/biography) and traditions of Mohammed (hadith), as governed by sharia law. The sira and hadith are known as the way of the perfect man or ‘sunnah,’ an important concept in understanding muslim behavior. Sharia law adheres to the tenets of Islam and condemns freedom (of speech, religion, expression, association and inquiry), forbids equality (between men-women, muslims-others), and allows misogyny, pedophilia and killing of apostates. Islam offers non-muslims first an invitation to convert, then subjugation with heavy taxation, and finally jihad until you submit to Islam or die.

You must become your own advisor on all things Islam. As the government and media will not properly inform you, you must read and listen to sufficient history and current events to be able to critically evaluate media coverage, effectively question your elected representatives and identify politically correct but inaccurate statements. You will soon be capable of recognizing uneducated mis-information and practiced deception. For example, are bored youths on summer break causing a disturbance in France, or are muslim gangs rioting in the streets and burning cars to intimidate the French? If there is conflict in the news and no one mentions its cause, ask yourself if Islam is involved (as in Sudan, Kosovo, Kenya, Indonesia, Kashmir, France, or the United Kingdom).

Be aware of information sources – are you reading an apostate’s story, an imam’s talking points, a historian’s research. And if the author is university trained, consider the level of foreign funding to that university and how it might have affected its teachings. Read the koran and study the sunnah or meaningful commentaries on their content. (I suggest R. Spencer, W. Phares, W. Sultan, B. Gabriel, W. Shoebat, B. Ye’or, A. Bostom, I. Warraq and others.)

The questions and issues surrounding Islam are of grave concern for your life and liberty. Do not fall victim to wishful thinking, or the deadly trio of appeasement, accommodation and hopeful assimilation. It is time to challenge those who paint Islam and its history only with pretty colors or who spin current events to blame “western oppression” or poverty. Do not hold opinions you cannot justify about Islam. To do so invites disaster. Islam and sharia law are antithetical to Western liberties and our constitutionally protected rights. Who will you trust?

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