Dr. Phil – Your Ignorance is Showing

Dr. Phil @ www.DrPhil.com,

I respectfully submit that unless you have studied the doctrine of islam – the koran, sira (biography of mohammed) and hadith (the traditions of mohammed), you are very much out of your element in discussing islam or muslim behavior.

A muslim acting in accordance with islamic tenets and islamic ‘logic’ is sane within that mind set. Non-muslims are believed to be guilty of not acknowledging allah and that mohammed is his prophet, therefore all manner of discrimination, harm and murder are acceptable.

Under islamic sharia law no penalty is imposed for the killing of infidels. A muslim who strives in defense or support of islam may engage, indeed is required to engage in or fund, armed or covert jihad. Islam offers infidels an invitation to islam – conversion, or subjugation under sharia, or jihad war until you convert, accept subjugation or die. Islam’s express goal is to bring the world, muslim and non-muslim, under sharia law.

Sharia law condemns freedom, forbids equality, and denies traditional sovereignty; it is legitimate that we reject it. The call to sharia is a call to overthrow the US Constitution.

To liberty under the Constitution,

Civilus Defendus, US Citizen


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