When the Melting Pot Doesn’t Work

The American melting pot concept allows for all to come and generation after generation a winnowing out of less beneficial ideas and practices and a strengthening of those ideas that are beneficial to the nation, to the human spirit. Overall the society grows and shapes and is shaped by its people.

This works well only where liberty is honored. Liberty and justice for all are America’s foundation. The ‘melting pot’ works less well – or backwards – in totalitarian societies where generation after generation only the strong-arm tactics or the most supplicating and subservient practices endure. This is almost a definition of West and East psychology.

To reach for the lowest common denominator among the earth’s cultures takes us to a dark and undesirable place. Hell on earth you might say.

Today we see a totalitarian ideology come to tolerant and free societies. So, do we free men enter bondage, voluntary slavery to allah and to sharia or enter the involuntary slavery of dhimmitude or do slaves of allah abandon their chains? As we see over and over again, integration, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence has not worked when one side swears fidelity to islam.

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