Cultural Values Have Meaning

Our values, those of the predominantely Judeo-Christian West, have developed for more than 2,000 years and lead us to the liberty, equality and secular constitutional republic we enjoy today.  Islam has not developed. It started and ended in the few years of Mohammed and so it rests on those “values” of submission, inequality and totalitarian theocracy. Where the highest act is to submit, bow down, subjugate your brain, will, intellect and curiosity before Allah (and of course behave like the “perfect” man, Mohammed). Where the the believer is eternally set against the non-believer; where men are masters of women. And where the resultant totalitarian government by Sharia Law controls every aspect of life, action, thought.

Our values systems are not compatible, not blendable and have so little in common as to be a useless exercise to attempt the so called multi-cultural bliss. Separation is all there can be for now. However, we are in a battle at this point and there can be no semblance of peace (and as ordered a separation as possible) without some form of victory. It will be for Islam itself to transform itself, eat itself, die, or be converted to something other than what it is.

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