September 2009: Sharia-Free America


The Citizens’ Declaration is going to Congress & the Media.

Call talk radio & write Congress: ask about Islam in America.

Islamic Sharia condemns freedom and forbids equality…

WHAT is it doing here?

3 thoughts on “September 2009: Sharia-Free America

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  1. “Call every radio talk show, ask every host: Is Sharia Compatible with the US Constitution?”

    We should not have to be talking about allowing another set of laws into to the US, but they leave us no choice. This is a great idea.

  2. The US Constitution is not often enforced against theocratic xians & jews & muslims: “no religious test shall ever be required for any office or public trust under these United States.” Only John Quincy Adams lawfully refused the “bible” and took his oath of office to defend the highest law of our land by placing his hand on a lawbook. Only the lower house in Massachusetts refuses to employ a chaplain nor utters illegal conforming prayers over legislators. Few Presidents have been like Jefferson, Jackson or Grant, nor Governors like Ventura who refused “National Days of Prayer” and actually fought to tax the blood sucking tax free frauds of religion. Congressmember Ellison took his oath on a Qouran. He probably does not read it any more than similar incompetent illiterate xians who do not read their bibles. The word “god” does not appear anywhere in the US Constitution. Let’s keep it that way, tax all exempt religious “charities” and return the mega billions collected to existing taxpayers. Peace, Larry Carter Center 843-926-1750

  3. The West must get over the concept of Islam as “just” a religion. Islam is both state and religion. The totality of Islam is implemented through Sharia Law. Islam makes the attainment of Political objectives a Religious duty and therefore they cannot be separated. Islam recognizes no national borders, for its goals are 1) invitation to Islam (conversion), 2) subjugation and taxation (dhimmitude, jizya), or 3) jihad until you do 1 or 2. Pointing to the US Constitution on freedom of religion does us no good. The question is can the United States, or any Western state, or any nation, tolerate a second set of laws, Islamic Sharia Law, within its borders. The answer is a resounding “No!” The sooner we all recognize this, the better for human liberty and universal human rights.

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